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May 10, 2016

CREATE: SWEET DREAMS Bedroom Crafts (ORC - Week 5)

Better LATE than NEVER, as they say! I actually did try to link-up a shorter version of this post on Sunday evening at the Calling It Home blog but I kept getting an annoying ERROR that said my web link was "invalid"! Oh well, at least I tried, let's just hope it doesn't do that to me again for this final week. Anyway, it's WEEK 5 of the One Room Challengewhich means Haley's SWEET DREAMS Bedroom makeover is almost complete! I don't know about you but I'm getting SUPER EXCITED to check out ALL the Designer and Guest Participant's room REVEALS!!!

Since, the BIG REVEAL is this weekend, it's major crunch time for me to get everything done that is physically possible!!! I'm not positive at this point in the challenge that every single CRAFT PROJECT that was on my to do list will make the cut. So now I have to take a step back and decide which projects are most important to the total look of the room and push the other ones aside for when I have more free time. I must admit that I have never completely finished an entire room from top to bottom but this is the closest I've ever gotten which is a huge plus in my book. I will probably always think of something to change, tweak, add or take away and I'm ok with that kind of outcome. Over the years, I have came to accept the realization that I'm just not that type of person who can totally step away and feel that a room/project is 100% DONE - "forever". If you are, then consider yourself very very LUCKY! 🍀

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PLUS I will be sharing SNEAK PEEKS of my "SWEET DREAMSBedroom makeover on Social Media. (@thecreativeorchard)


This entire week has been about focussing on CRAFT PROJECTS. I was able to buy some decor items from stores but I also always like to add personal handmade touches to my home. I had soooo many CRAFT PROJECTS that I wanted to CREATE to go along with the SWEET DREAMS theme but I think I went a little over board and might have to scale back a bit. Believe it or not, below are just "some" of the CRAFT PROJECTS I'm currently working on for the room makeover. Yikes!
CRAFT PROJECT #1:  CAKE Storage Boxes
These CAKE Storage Boxes will be on display at the top of her closet. They were MADE out of round cardboard hat boxes that I spray painted, then hot glued lots and lots of ribbon to look like icing on a cake. I actually came up with this idea a few years ago, but never knew where to put them once they were done, but that's not the case anymore! So glad I finally got to bring this vision to life.  (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)

First, I spray painted a round wooden Tray that I purchase a while ago on clearance from Target using the left over Valspar Paint from Haley's painted Jenny Lind Headboard. I thought it would be cute to make the inside look like a giant SPRINKLE DONUT! So, I hand painted a large tan circle in a donut shape, once dry, I painted a light pink wavy icing circle on top, let dry again then painted short line brushstrokes that resembled SPRINKLES. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) It will probably float around the room and be used at the play table for pretend tea parties or on her bed for snacks, dress-up accessories, etc. Who know's with Haley, she has quite the imagination! I have no idea where she gets that from. Lol.

(Product Sources: Tray, Ice Cream Bowl/Spoon, Drinking Bottle @Target, Kids Table & Chairs @Ikea, Apple Barrel Craft Paint by Plaid Crafts @ Hobby Lobby)

There are three different DESSERT Pillows that I wanted to CREATE for her bed. A simple and sweet DONUT Pillow sewn out of felt which I used the DIY tutorial by A Beautiful Mess ( A DIY PRETZEL Pillow made also using felt, similar to the one from Studio DIY ( but with SPRINKLES instead of salt. Also a fluffy layered CUPCAKE Pillow that I made out of a baby cupcake halloween costume found on clearance a Target. All I did was stuff the cherry hat with polyfill, put a pillow insert inside the body area, then sewed up the side arm holes, the large waist hole at the bottom and of course the cherry on top! Maybe next year you'll look at baby halloween costumes a little differently and decide if they could be turned into cute throw PILLOWS! 😜

CRAFT PROJECT #4:  SWEET Pennant Banners
Another thing I wanted to do is SEW some SWEET Pennant Banners out of fabric and felt but I'm not quite sure they will get done before the reveal. Let's hope they do!

Decorative Hanging ICE CREAM CONES
When I was a child, I crafted/sold mini versions these as tree ornaments and a few years ago I made large scale ones for a ICE CREAM Social party. I'm pretty familiar with how to make them so they shouldn't take very long. I guess you could say, I'm still up in the "AIR" about where to hang them in the room but most likely up high in a lonely corner along with some decorative tulle or tissue CLOUDS?

CRAFT PROJECT #6:  DONUT Mirror Frames
The idea for this was kind of a happy accident, I already had a large round mirror that was on display in the room before so I basically tried to think of how I could repurpose it and give it a "SWEET" mini makeover... so I tried to figure out what is round and goes with the theme? Duh a DONUT!

BULLETIN Board/Accessory Organizer
This is probably the largest of all the projects, which I am the most excited about because its going to be the first thing you see when you enter the room and set the tone for the theme PLUS its also super functional!

I plan to share DIY Tutorials for a few of these CRAFT PROJECTS after the room REVEAL is all done. So keep a look out, there will be more to come after the One Room Challenge! Next is WEEK 6 which is all about the BIG REVEAL so you only have to wait a little bit longer!!!

BIG THANKS to Calling It Home and House Beautiful for the One Room Challenge! 💛

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  1. You really have AMAZING amount of talent. I mean... all of the above is just so cute!!! I wish we could do crafts together!!! I love the colors and the ideas and everything else


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