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Apr 10, 2016


Let my FIRST season of the One Room Challenge BEGIN!!! Would everyone like to know which ONE room I will be DESIGNING in my home? Drum roll please... badiddlediddlediddle. I am going to makeover my daughter, Haley's BIG Girl Bedroom with a "SWEET DREAMS" theme! Doesn't that sound DREAMY? Let's face the facts, you DREAM, I DREAM, we all DREAM of Ice Cream, Popsicles, CookiesDonuts, Cinnamon Rolls, MacaronsCake Pops, Cotton CandyPretzels and Cupcakes! Oh my! Believe it or not, the first thing Haley (4yrs old) and I did was decide on the "SWEET DREAMS" theme, then afterwards we went shopping at Target and up on a shelf all by itself was one set of Pillowfort™ Frozen Fantasy (🍦 Ice Cream ConeSheets from the new kids decor line that hadn't even been released yet. Oh Yeah! How lucky of a find was that? This fabric was the perfect starting point for our design INSPIRATION because the watercolor style graphics was exactly what I had in mind and Haley fell in LOVE with all the pastel colors! We're super excited to get started on the One Room Challenge this weekend!
IF you haven't heard of the One Room Challenge, it is a biannual 6 week Design Challenge that is hosted by Calling It Home whom are partnering with HouseBeautiful. The ORC is celebrating their 10th Season this year! Congrats! Here's how the Design Challenge works... Calling It Home challenges 20 Professional "Featured Designers" to transform ONE room and document their process every Wednesday, BUT "Guest Linking Participants" are also invited, so basically anyone that has a blog that likes to design spaces is welcomed to join in or follow along the ORC! Every Thursday, I will be a "GUEST Participant" playing along and posting updates about the progress I have made on my One Room Challenge PLUS just like always, I will share lots of SNEAK PEEKS on Social Media. (@thecreativeorchard)

Remember that ALL of the other ORC "Guest Participants" will also link up (CLICK to SEE) their room's progress at the Calling It Home blog so be sure to check them out each week. 

If you want to see pics of previous ORC™ Design Entries from past seasons 
or follow this current season, visit these Instagram links below. 

ORC - WEEK 1:  

To start off WEEK 1 of the One Room Challenge, I am sharing my "SWEET DREAMS" Bedroom INSPIRATION BOARD, describing the DESIGN PLAN with a detailed list of upcoming projects, then introduce the space by including some ROOM BACKGROUND HISTORY PLUS "BEFORE" photos so you can see how the room has changed over the years.




"SWEET DREAMS" Big Girl Bedroom

Color Scheme:
Aqua, Coral, Strawberry Pink, Sorbet Orange, Lemon Yellow, Mint Green, Gray & White

Abstract Watercolor Patterns, Chrome/Silver Shiny Accents, Fluffy Tulle & Fabric Ruffles

Closet Storage Bins, Jenny Lind Bed, Jenny Lind Nightstand, Stacked Ball Lamp(s), Decorative Shelves, Kids Table & Chairs, Storage Ottomans, Pretend Kitchen, Pretend Sweet Stand, Pretend Washer & Dryer, Doll Highchair, Doll Bed

Do-it-yourself Projects:
Paint Walls, Spray Paint Furniture, Hand Paint Kids Table, Make Bulletin Board, Create Framed Artwork, Sew Decorative Pillows, Sew Garlands, Make Fabric Tassels, Design "SWEET DREAMS" Wall Hanging/Mobile, Create Mirror Frames, Create Misc. Decorative Accessories, Make Pretend Toy Desserts

Shopping List:
Pillowfort™ Storage Bins, Pillowfort™ Frozen Fantasy Sheets, Room Essentials Twin Bedskirt, Room Essentials King Size Pillow Cases & Pillows, Simply Shabby Chic Duvet Cover, Room Essentials Comforter Insert, Jenny Lind Collection Headboard(s), Pillowfort Turned Leg Kids Accent Table, Stacked Ball Lamp, Divine Color by Valspar Paint, Divine Color by Valspar Spray Paint (All from Target), White Classic Wood Shelves (from Hobby LobbyPLUS Craft Supplies (from Michaels)  (CLICK for LINKS)


When we first moved into our home this ROOM was my OFFICE, but that didn't last long at all because soon after, we planned on having our first baby. The new plan was to convert it into a baby boy NURSERY for my son, Allen. The theme of his ROOM was designed around the bedding which had ABC's, 123's, colorful polka dots and animals. The main feature was a large wide horizontal blue stripe painted around the entire room. I handmade puffy animal characters just like the ones seen on the bedding by using fabric, polyfill, cardboard and hot glue. The decorative cardboard Letters/Numbers were purchased from Hobby Lobby which I hand painted on the sides then glued scrapbook paper to the fronts. (VIEW photos below)

I have to admit, with my first baby I had way more free time to decorate a NURSERY, so when we decided to have a second baby, unfortunately I didn't have as much time or energy (sleep deprived Zzzz) to go all out with the decorating. At that time, Allen moved into another ROOM next door which was turned into his Little Boy TODDLER BEDROOM.

Then newborn baby girl Haley was given the old NURSERY which desperately needed a fast GIRLY makeover. The theme for the baby girl NURSERY was called "Girly Celebration". It included a girly pastel color scheme of coral, light pink and mint green. I painted the bottom half of the walls a solid light pink and the top half a solid coral, then after tracing a cardboard cutout circle, I hand painted a scallop border around the room. (which will be very sad to see it go) I also painted confetti dot artwork using q-tips, hung tutus, sewed a ruffle lamp shade and ruffled bedskirt, then decorated with mirrored accents and glam accessories. (VIEW photos below)

Two years ago, my town was hit by a massive TORNADO! (CLICK to READ more about TORNADO) Unfortunately Haley's NURSERY was one of the rooms that was damaged in our home. Here you can see (VIEW photos belowsome of the DAMAGE the TORNADO did. This is actually after we cleaned up all the tornado debris that flew inside, pulled out pieces of glass from walls and furniture, trashed damaged/wet clothing, got rid of baby crib and chair/ottoman, temporarilly insulated/boarded up windows and ripped up the carpet. My family was safe and unharmed. Although my husband and I were home that day, luckily both kids were staying out of town at their grandparents house. Once we got back home, we lived in the basement for a while until we could redecorate the kid's bedrooms.

After the TORNADO hit, we thought we should go ahead and turn Haley's NURSERY into a Little Girl TODDLER BEDROOM. After the entire room was cleared out, we touch up the paint, replaced the ceiling fan/light, added a few new decorations, dressed up a vanity desk and purchased a secondhand temporary toddler bed from a friend. (VIEW photos below)

Now that Haley has grown out of her toddler bed and will be starting pre-k next year, it feels like the right time to give her bedroom a Big Girl makeover! Plus I couldn't resist such a fun and INSPIRING design challenge to help get me motivated! Continue to follow along for the next 6 weeks! It's gonna be SUPER SWEET!!! 🍦🍩🍰πŸͺ My PLANS for this week is shopping and painting, to be continued...

BIG THANKS to Calling It Home and House Beautiful for making the One Room Challengeevent possible! πŸ’›

NOW you can check out WEEK 2 of the One Room Challenge for the latest progress UPDATES about my SWEET DREAMS Bedroom Makeover (CLICK for WEEK 2)


  1. Such a fun and festive space--I love the colors!!! Aaaand now I want ice cream... ;-)

  2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!


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