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May 12, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation REVEAL - ORC Week 6

Oh my goodness! Six weeks has flown by so fast and now it’s time for the One Room Challenge FINAL REVEAL of my “Modern Kitchen Renovation”!!! This project started pretty smoothly, everything was either ahead of schedule or right on time until about the last two weeks. I had to unexpectedly repaint the lower cabinets again to a slightly different blue, we had a temporary minor water leak due to our plumbing inexperience, then the tile backsplash took us way longer to install because we are just way too picky. So because we ran out of time, there were a few things on my wishlist that didn’t make the cut and will probably get added later on after I take a little break. When I get some of my energy back I still need to hire an electrician to install my chrome pendant lights I’ve had for 3 years, find the under cabinet lights I have in storage and either build a shelf under the front of the kitchen island and/or a wood accent feature. But at the moment, I can finally rest and enjoy the view of my new kitchen! Which after 13 years, it’s kinda strange to leave the house then come back home and be wowed all over again by your own KITCHEN.

There are hundreds of other DESIGNERS and GUEST PARTICIPANTS like me who have also finished their room transformations, please show some support by visiting them at BIG THANKS to the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for continuing to have this awesome event!!! If it wasn’t for the ORC, I probably wouldn’t have the motivation to take on such large DIY projects and be able to have completed rooms.

Kitchen BEFORE...

Kitchen AFTER...


My intention was to create a clean modern kitchen that I could add a lot of COLORFUL personality to. I almost always start off with a neutral room then afterwards throw in bold pops of COLOR in the decorative accents, artwork or textiles. My family has visited Mexico many times throughout the years and I was definitely inspired by ambiance there so I tried to incorporate a Modern Spanish Style when it came to picking out the home decor. I decorated it with colorful pottery, bright dishes/glassware, ornate rug, eclectic printed towels/napkins/placemats, lush cactus plants, fresh fruits, and natural baskets that reminded me of the markets. It looks exactly like I had imagined! I can’t wait to get cookin’ in my NEW KITCHEN and proudly show it off to family and friends!

Behr Alkid Paint “English Channel” Blue @ Home Depot
LG Appliances @ Home Depot
Dekton “Fossil” Countertops @ Home Depot
Kohler Sink and Faucet @ Home Depot
Marble Hexagon Backsplash Tile @ Home Depot
Blue Ceramic Lanterns/Pottery @ Home Depot
Glassware/Under Cabinet Glass Rack @ Pier1
Opalhouse Rug, Stools, Cacti Jar/Shakers, Arched Basket, Tall Cactus, Threshold Silverware, Cookware, Pot Holders, Glass Planters @ Target
Seagrass Baskets with Lids, Cake Stand, Wood Tray, Cutting Boards, Tea Pot, Marble Cheese Boards, Seagrass Placemat, Paper Towel Holder, Cactus Soap Dispenser, Cabinet Towel Rack @ HomeGoods
Fiesta Dishes/Knives, Food Network Placemats/Towels/Napkins @ Kohls
Weight Scale, Small Cactus, Succulents @ Michaels Stores
Marble Bar Height Table @ World Market


THANKS to everyone who shared their support during this ORC kitchen project, it’s greatly appreciated!

Special THANKS to my hubby Charles who helped a bunch along the way and also kept me positive!

Of course last minute, ZOEY, our maltipoo puppy just had to stop by to say GOODBYE! She had her 1st Birthday last week. She stood by my side during this entire project. xoxo

Follow along on Instagram @thecreativeorchard to see more pics and videos of my KITCHEN that I will be sharing later this week.

The Creative Orchard’s ORC KITCHEN RENOVATION progress...

May 5, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 5

This is it. The 5th week of the One Room Challenge. There is only one week left until the final REVEAL! It is crunch time to get every single project done. I can’t remember if I have ever felt this stressed, exhausted, nervous and excited all the same time. But after this KITCHEN RENOVATION,  every DIY project I choose to do in the future should feel easy-peasy! Don’t forget there are many more ORC participants and designers out there working on their rooms too, so check those out at

The Creative Orchard’s ORC KITCHEN RENOVATION progress...

ORC Week 1 | ORC Week 2 | ORC Week 3 | ORC Week 4 | ORC Week 5 | ORC Week 6 - REVEAL

Update About Last Week...

Last week I shared my upper cabinet painting progress. I also mentioned that I had plans to repaint the lower cabinets again. And I’m happy to report all the cabinet painting is complete and I’m very satisfied with the outcome this time around. Instead of the BehrTidal” blue color, I quickly switched it out to a navy blue called “English Channel” which is also by Behr at the Home Depot. It looks much more muted and goes perfectly with the other blue tones throughout my home.

What Happened This Week...

Besides painting, my husband and I also began installing the mosaic tile backsplash. Definitely one of the most nerve racking projects that I have chosen to take on. Even though I did tons of research, attended a tile workshop at the Home Depot, watched videos online, etc., for some reason I was still extremely anxious to just get started. But once I accomplished a few sections, I caught on to the whole process pretty quickly. It’s very important to take your time and work on small areas. Keep in mind that sometimes trial and error is the best way to embrace the hands on learning experience.

FACTS/TIPS About INSTALLING Backsplash Tile...

  1. Porcelain is easier to cut than natural stone
  2. Square/Rectangle shaped tile is much easier to cut in a straight line rather than hexagon/circular shaped tile 
  3. You can not cut natural stone tile using the scoring and snapping method 
  4. Tile setting mats can not be used with small mosaic tile or heavy natural stone 
  5. Make sure the mortar does not exceed past the tile’s surface 
  6. If too much mortar is applied, remove enough in between to accommodate the grout, especially if they are two different colors 
  7. Purchasing pre-mixed mortar and/or grout saves time and makes process easier 
  8. Buy more tile than needed, extra may be necessary in case of emergency 
  9. Double check all sheets of natural stone tile inside their boxes to make sure they look the same. Natural stone tile patterns and colors may vary drastically 
  10. Invest in a good quality wet saw, especially when cutting natural stone 
  11. Take the extra time to let tile sheets dry completely after cutting with a wet saw, otherwise the mortar may get too damp and cause tile to fall

Furniture Assembly...

For the countertop bar stools, I chose ones from that match with my existing dining chairs which are mid century modern Eiffel Tower replicas. I like the white plastic seats because they’re washable and kid friendly. I didn’t want to extend my previous kitchen island because I thought that would be too much of the dark gray counters so to break it up, I’m going to place a counter height white marble top table from in front of it. The detached table will be much more functional for my family’s needs because it can be transported around other areas of our home and accommodate two more stools which gives us the option to seat 4 people.

What's Happening Next...

During the next few days, we will be finishing the backsplash tile, touching up any paint, cleaning/repairing hardwood floors, organizing cabinet contents, shopping for last minute accessories and finally decorating. I’m looking forward to seeing the KITCHEN RENOVATION finished and how it all comes together along with the living room and dining room. Since I have a very open floor plan, that means all three rooms need to have the same color scheme and design style.

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1 (2700×758)

I am almost done tiling and I only have one wall left to finish then I get to start on the fun part which is decorating!!! Watch my insta stories this week for a sneak peek tour of my kitchen... @thecreativeorchard  Everyone who is participating in the One Room Challenge will be revealing their final room transformations at the end of this week so stop by to see them all!

Apr 28, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 4

I can’t believe it is the 4th week of the One Room Challenge already!!! Kinda freaking out about not getting everything done on time but I’m sure it will all work out okay. I’m just trying to balance my mom/wife life and my lifestyle blogging. Although I constantly share diy projects and home decor on social media, I have not posted a blog for a couple years so I’m a little rusty. If you get a chance, go spy on the other ORC participants to see how well their room transformations are going at

The Creative Orchard’s ORC KITCHEN RENOVATION progress...

This week I was supposed to paint the upper cabinets WHITE, which I did start on them but they are definitely not done yet. The lower cabinet color was much darker and it only took 2-3 coats but this time the Behr WHITE paint I'm using is not cooperating as well and I keep seeing the previous maple cabinet color bleeding from underneath. Maybe I should have used a primer? Or applied thicker coats? I don’t know. I guess I’ll keep layering more and more layers until it appears solid WHITE. I'll show a close-up and give you an update next week about how they turned out.

How to PAINT cabinet doors...
  1. Clean cabinet doors thoroughly 
  2. Wipe Liquid Sandpaper all over surface 
  3. Let dry completely 
  4. Remove any leftover residue 
  5. Using a small flat paint brush, PAINT the inside perimeter around the inner panel
  6. Using a smooth foam roller, paint all existing flat surfaces 
  7. Continue painting multiple coats until you achieve a solid even color 
  8. Let dry completely, wait 7 days to wash 
  9. Replace all hardware and hinges 
  10. Add bumper pad stickies if desired 

Another issue I am experiencing is, after living with the “tidalBLUE color on the bottom cabinets for a few weeks, I’m NOT in love with it. It doesn't really go well with my other home decor. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful BRIGHT BLUE. But I had envisioned more of a denim or navy BLUE with more grayish tones. When you view this particular shade of BLUE in the direct sunlight during the day, it looks very intense. Basically, I made a BIG mistake choosing this color and now I have to repaint ALL the lower cabinets AGAIN! I’m so frustrated and annoyed with myself but I know if I don’t fix my mistake, it will bother me every day. Although, it will cost less than $30 for paint, unfortunately I have to waste more my time which I’m running out of. I recommend purchasing a small paint sample instead of just relying on a tiny paper swatch. Lesson learned!

On a positive note, the DEKTON countertop piece for the island finally got installed a few days later than the rest and it looks great! I really like the imperfections in it, reminds me of concrete.

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1 (2700×758)

Let’s hope I can catch up quickly on my painting early this week because I need to plan lots of time for my last big DIY project which will be installing a tile backsplash for the first time ever!!! Watch my insta stories to see how it all goes... @thecreativeorchard  Keep in mind, there is only a couple more weeks left of the One Room Challenge!

Apr 21, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 3

It is the 3rd week of the One Room Challenge, which means “technically” I am halfway done with my KITCHEN RENOVATION! I don’t know about everyone else participating in the ORC, but it feels like time is flying by very quickly and there are still lots of projects to finish. Visit to see more room transformations in progress.

The Creative Orchard’s ORC KITCHEN RENOVATION progress...

Since last week, after I had already shared my project timeline, nothing has gone as planned. I guess that is why you should probably keep in mind that sometimes things don’t go exactly the way you want and you might have to be a bit flexible. Thankfully there has not been any negative major set backs so far. We just had to rearrange the tasks on our to do list because the appliances and countertops were both ready to be installed earlier than scheduled, which meant we also had to install the sink and faucet ourselves way sooner. Not a big deal, I am just feeling somewhat rushed and I want to make sure everything is done correctly. Surprisingly, figuring out the plumbing was not as difficult as we anticipated it being. The KOHLER sink/faucet from The Home Depot included instructions plus my hubby did some research online. But because of all the changes, that means painting the upper cabinets will have to be pushed back to next week.

APPLIANCE installation... (Except the microwave still needs to be installed later.)

To make installation go more smoothly, I did my best to remove any large furniture or decor that might be in their way, put away all rugs that could be a trip hazard and covered anything that I wanted to protect from getting damaged.


COUNTERTOP installation...

The installers actually requested that the new appliances already be placed in our kitchen so that they could cut the DEKTON countertops on site with a saw. That way everything would fit perfectly. Unfortunately the large island counter piece was not ready yet so they will have to install it next Tuesday.

SINK and FAUCET Installation... 

We did have to change the plumbing from what was previously there because we switched to a single drain instead of two drains. The sink is now a single basin instead of a double. And the new basin is also much deeper than before. We figured out how to utilize all of the old pipes and the only piece we had to go buy was an end cap.

How to INSTALL a drop-mount SINK...
  1. Pros CUT out sink hole from countertop.
  2. Let countertop glue/silicone DRY for 24 hours if needed.
  3. TURN OFF water supply valve. 
  4. INSERT faucet hoses into small sink hole located in back, include rings provided. REMOVE any other holes that you choose to utilize. 
  5. SCREW faucet bolts to sink base from underneath.
  6. Using a caulk gun, SQUEEZE clear waterproof silicone around the perimeter of the sink hole, stay close to inner edge and keep it consistently thin. If applied too thick, it will seep out.
  7. WIPE away any excess silicone that seeped out. Let DRY completely. 
  8. ATTACH faucet hoses. Also ATTACH soap dispenser hose but I chose NOT to install one. 
  9. Using plumber wax, ROLL a skinny long snakelike shape and PLACE around bottom of metal drain ring. 
  10. PRESS metal drain ring into drain hole and PUSH down firmly. Straighten up any wording that may be seen.
  11. PLACE drain clamp rings underneath drain hole and SCREW tightly. You will notice the top metal drain ring will also start to PULL closer and tighter. Just make sure wording is still straight and has not moved. Let wax DRY.
  12. If you are INSTALLING a garbage disposal, do that now and also PLUG it into outlet, otherwise skip this step.
  13. ATTACH plumbing connectors.
  14. SCREW ON end caps to pipes that do NOT need to drain water.
  15. TURN ON water supply valve.
  16. TURN ON faucet water and/or garbage disposal. 
(IMPORTANT: Keep in mind this is how we INSTALLED our sink, we are NOT pros)

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To get SNEAK PEEK pics and work in progress videos, visit @thecreativeorchard on Instagram! The lower half of the kitchen is basically done so now I just have to finish the upper half. There will be lots more to share next week!

(Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. I choose my own products and where to buy them.)

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