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Apr 14, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 2

It is the second week of the One Room Challenge and I have been super busy PAINTING the lower KITCHEN cabinets and island! To see my DESIGN INSPIRATION  and to learn about my PROJECT  PLANS, visit last weeks blog post... “Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 1”. You can also spy on all the other ORC Designers and Guest Participants to find out what everyone has been up to by going to

To start off this KITCHEN RENOVATION, I visited The Home Depot to pick out my cabinet paint colors, countertops, sink, faucet, backsplash tile and appliances. I was able to take samples home which made my design planning much easier and also gave my husband a chance to be more involved with the process.

A couple weeks ago, I worked with the The Home Depot staff in Peoria, IL to order the countertops and appliances because I wanted to make sure they would have plenty of time to arrive for the ORC. I also took a DIY Workshop to learn how to install backsplash tile. Here are the experts, Jim, Mercedes and Judy hard at work. Everyone was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable.


(Available at The Home Depot)
  • Klean Strip Liquid Sandpaper (Cloth/Old Cotton Shirt)
  • LG Appliances - Double Oven Gas Range, French Door Refrigerator, Over the Range Microwave and Top Control Smart Dishwasher (Matte Black Stainless Steel)
  • KOHLER Sink (Matte Black  -  Kennon Neoroc Quartz Top-Mount Single Bowl) 
  • KOHLER Faucet (Matte Black  -  Rune) 
  • DEKTON UltraCompact Surface Countertops (Fossil from Natural Collection)
  • Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile (Greecian White Hexagon
  • Grout Float
  • FUSION PRO Single Component Grout
  • Level
  • Adhesive Bumper Pads for Cabinets/Drawers
  • Mortar Mix
  • Mortar Trowel
  • Sponge
  • Small Plastic Bucket
   White (White / No. 7900)
   Tidal Blue (Deep Base / No. 7930  -  Tidal / M510-6)

To Do List:

WEEK 1:  Design Plan and Inspiration
WEEK 2:  Remove Clutter, Paint Lower Cabinets and Remove Old Appliances
WEEK 3:  Paint Upper Cabinets and Install New Appliances
WEEK 4:  Assemble Eat-in Kitchen Table, Remove Old Countertops and Install New Countertops
WEEK 5:  Install Tile Backsplash, Replace Hardware and Assemble Stools
WEEK 6:  Decorate, Take Pictures and REVEAL KITCHEN!

How to PAINT Cabinets:

  1. PACK away clutter from cabinets, countertops and walls.
  2. CLEAN all surfaces thoroughly with soap and water.
  3. REMOVE hardware (knobs, pulls, hooks, electrical plates, etc.).
  4. PREP cabinet surfaces using Liquid Sandpaper or fine sandpaper. USE painter's tape if needed.
  5. WIPE away any residue, dust, grease or dirt on cabinet surfaces.
  6. DETACH cabinet doors and drawers. REMOVE hinges or rails. REMOVE old bumper pads.
  7. PAINT 2-3 coats of paint onto cabinet doors, drawers and any other existing cabinet areas using a foam roller or paint brush.
  8. DRY COMPLETELY for 5-7 days or more if necessary.
  9. WAIT at least 7 days before gently washing cabinets.
  10. REATTACH cabinet doors and drawers.
  11. ADD new adhesive bumper pads.
  12. REPLACE hardware. 

Guest Participant for:
One Room Challenge | ORC@oneroomchallenge | #oneroomchallenge

1 (2700×758)

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To get SNEAK PEEK pics and work in progress videos, visit @thecreativeorchard on Instagram! Can't wait to show you more next week!

(Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. I choose my own products and where to buy them.)

Apr 6, 2019

Modern Kitchen Renovation - ORC Week 1

Guess what? This is the second time that I have been a Guest Participant in the One Room Challenge and this will be my biggest home project yet! For the next 6 weeks I am going to RENOVATE my outdated KITCHEN and share the entire design process! 

To learn more information about the ORC, to register as a Guest Participant, or to check out the other participants/designers room transformations, visit . You can also follow the ORC on Instagram @oneroomchallenge #oneroomchallenge #bhgorc.

We have lived in our home for exactly 13 years this month. At the time, this was the best option on the market and met our families needs. But no house is perfect and since the day we purchased it, I have desperately wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets. My husband, Charles, on the other hand thought the tan walls, khaki counters, cinnamon maple cabinets and orange oak floors all looked “fine” together. Ummm.... not so much. So over a decade later he finally gave in. I guess my wife negotiating skills aren’t that good. Lol. Despite all of that, I finally get the KITCHEN makeover I’ve been dreaming about for years! Yay!!!

Since we first moved in, the only updates I have made is painting the walls twice and swapping out different bar stools. Here is the “BEFORE” picture of the kitchen. It's basically a boring beige nightmare!

Although I have been thinking about this renovation for a really long time, until recently I didn’t think about how many BIG decisions we were going to have to make...

How much money to spend?
How can we save some money?
What can stay?
What absolutely has to go?
Which projects can we do ourselves?
Which projects must we hire professionals?
How many weeks will it take?
How will our family live in this chaos?

Here are the basic answers to all those questions...

Budget: $10,000
Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks

In order to save money, some items will stay but get mini makeovers, I will be taking advantage of any sales going on, look into competitor price matching and also mail-in rebates if possible. Although the One Room Challenge is only for 6 weeks, the last couple weeks have been spent picking out finishes, getting advice from professionals and ordering the items that take a long time to get delivered or need to be scheduled for installation ahead of time. That way I can stay on schedule. Below are samples of the finishes we chose from Home Depot. The color scheme will mostly be blue, white, black, gray and chrome silver.

The cabinets are going to get a painted facelift, wood floors will get touched up for now, wall color will stay the same because it was recently painted and I still like the hardware so we will be reusing the existing knobs. The laminate countertops will be replaced with a stone product. We currently don't have a backsplash so that will be a nice addition instead of painted drywall that doesn't clean very easily.  The appliances are outdated and I don't like the look of silver stainless steel anymore so those will all be switched out to new matte black ones. The current faucet leaks water and the sink was just a cheap builder grade one so those will both get replaced. The island is a little small so I'm going to expand it's size by placing a counter height table in front of it for casual dining. Recently we purchased new stools, so I decided to order two more for additional seating. Also my kitchen is small so it needs to be way more organized, decluttered and I need to figure out better storage solutions.


DIY Projects:
  • Paint Cabinets
  • Repair Wood Floors
  • Install Tile Backsplash
  • Assemble Stools
  • Wall Already Painted
  • Install Microwave, Sink and Faucet
  • Repair Ceiling Damage
  • Assemble Kitchen Table
  • Put Hardware Back On
  • Decorate

PRO Projects:
  • Install Countertops
  • Install Stove, Fridge and Dishwasher


I spent months researching KITCHEN DESIGN inspiration online and inside magazines. To be honest, I started with a completely different vision in the beginning but since I’m married, there is another opinion to consider so unfortunately some compromises had to be made. But in the end, we made decisions that will make both of us happy and I know it’s going to look beautiful and be much more functional for our family.

I put together a DESIGN BOARD so you can get an idea of our vision for the space. Keep in mind that this is just INSPIRATION and some details may have to slightly change throughout the process.

Target - Cactus Jar, Cactus Shakers, Faux Cactus, Stool, Carpet Runner
World Market - Counter Height Table
Home Depot - Counters, Backsplash Tile, Sink, Faucet, Appliances, Paint
Kohl’s - Textiles


PHOTO SOURCE: @studiodearborn (Instagram) Designer: Sarah Robertson

PHOTO SOURCE: @studiodearborn (Instagram) Designer: Sarah Robertson

PHOTO SOURCE: @nestinteriorskc (Instagram) Designer: Nest Interiors

PHOTO SOURCE: @nestinteriorskc (Instagram) Designer: Nest Interiors

Guest Participant for:
One Room Challenge | ORC | @oneroomchallenge | #oneroomchallenge

Better Homes and Gardens (Official Media Partner) | BHG | @betterhomesandgardens | #bhgorc

To get SNEAK PEEK pics and videos, visit @thecreativeorchard on Instagram! Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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