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Mar 16, 2016


I'm OVER THE RAINBOW with how this crafty project turned out! My last minute decision to attempt to CREATE some kind of St. Patrick's Day decoration to hang on a door in the foyer ended up being one of my proudest CREATIVE outcomes ever. I have never been a huge fan of traditional wreaths so while I was starring at the foam wreath form, I was trying to figure out how I could think outside the "circle". So when I noticed it had a seam on one side, I imagined what it might look like if I simply cut the wreath in half? At that moment I knew by seeing that arched shape, I could CREATERAINBOW Wreath! "Technically" TWO wreaths if I choose to make another later. Instead of only going GREEN all over the place like most store-bought holiday decorations for St. Patty's Day, I decided to gravitate towards lots of RAINBOW colors (BIG surprise!) combined with touches of GOLD and GREEN. It wasn't until my project was complete and photos were taken that I had realized if I were to swap out the GOLD bucket and it's contents for less "holiday specific" accessories, the wreath could easily be used to DECORATE for other occasions/spaces as well.

CREATIVE IDEAS on how to easily revamp this RAINBOW Wreath...

•  SPRING DECOR - use a watering can filled with flowers instead

•  RAINBOW BEDROOM - use a colorful patterned bucket filled with rainbow pinwheels instead

•  COLORFUL CRAFT ROOM - use a plastic mason jar filled with artist utensils instead

•  BABY SHOWER/NURSERY - use a tiny basket with baby supplies, also change bright felts to pastels instead. Baby mobile maybe?

•  SUMMER DECOR - use a small sand bucket filled with a shovel and seashells instead

If you follow @theCreativeOrchard on social media or revisit this post again in the future, eventually I will try to provide another example of how to alter the RAINBOW Wreath concept. Let's face the facts, I already have another half of a foam wreath form and it would be a total waste if it was left unused plus there is very lonely door in my CREATIVE STUDIO that's screaming for something cute and colorful! Sounds like crafty destiny to me!



•  Glue Gun/Glue Sticks [@Michaels Stores]
•  Scissors [@Michaels Stores]
•  Round Styrofoam Wreath [@Michaels Stores]
•  6 Sheets of Felt in various rainbow colors [@Michaels Stores]
•  1 Sheet of WHITE Felt [@Michaels Stores]
•  2+ GREEN Pipe Cleaners [@Michaels Stores]
•  WHITE Yarn [@Michaels Stores]
•  GOLD Spray Paint [@Michaels Stores]
•  1 Small Metal Bucket [@Target]
•  3 Small Plastic Pinwheels [@Hobby Lobby]
•  1 Bag of GOLD Basket Grass/Filler [@Hobby Lobby]
•  1 Bag of GOLD Candies/Coins [@Kroger]
•  1 Small Square of Scrap Styrofoam
•  Serrated Knife (CAUTION!)


STEP #1:  Carefully CUT a circular foam wreath form in half using a serrated kitchen knife. (CAUTION: Be Safe, Adults Only)
STEP #2:  Using scissors, CUT 2" wide strips out of 6 sheets of felt in various RAINBOcolors. Make sure that the strips are long enough to wrap around the entire thickness of your specific size of foam wreath.
STEP #3:  Hot GLUE each strip of felt around the foam wreath in a horizontal pattern and over lap them about an inch every time. Alternate the colors in a rainbow sequence until the entire foam wreath is completely covered from left to right. There will probably be left over scraps so set those aside for later use. Color sequence example: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink. (See Photos)

STEP #4:  Then using left over GREEN felt scraps, CUT out three tiny heart shapes and one triangular stem shape for each shamrock clover. Repeat this step two more times for a total of three sets of clover shapes. Set those shapes aside for now. (See Photos)
STEP #5: Go outdoors and spray PAINT a small metal bucket [Target] and three small plastic pinwheels with GOLD spray paint Let all items dry COMPLETELY!
STEP #6:  Hot GLUE the GREEN clover felt shapes onto the front of the pinwheels. Plus also hot GLUE GREEN pipe cleaners onto the fronts of the pinwheel sticks.      
STEP #7: Hot GLUE a square shaped scrap piece of styrofoam to the bottom inside of the metal bucket. Then use a "generous" amount of hot GLUE one end of the RAINBOW Wreath and quickly glue it to the inside of the metal bucket to the top back of the styrofoam square. Let glue dry COMPLETELY for a few minutes. Place GOLD basket grass/filler on top. Poke the shamrock clover pinwheels into the styrofoam square. (Optional) Scatter GOLD candies or coins on top. (See Photos)

STEP #8:  Using scissors, CUT out one 2-sided cloud shape out of WHITE felt. Also CUT out six 2-sided raindrop shapes out of each color of the left over felt scraps. (See Photos)
STEP #9:  CUT six various lengths of WHITE yarn and tie knots at each top and bottom for each raindrop to hang from. Hot GLUE the top of each knot (6) inside the bottom of one side of the cloud and each bottom knot (6) inside one side of each raindrop. (See Photos) Then hot GLUE all six of the raindrops shut.
STEP #10:  Hot GLUE only the outer edges of the white felt cloud shape but be sure to leave a tiny pocket. INSERT glass pebbles (or) lightweight rocks/rice/beans inside the pocket of the cloud shape then hot GLUE shut. *(The amount of glass pebbles to insert is determined by the weight of your bucket on the other side of the RAINBOW Wreath. Make sense? Balance is key for it to hang properly.)
STEP #11:  Lastly, using a "generous" amount of hot GLUE, attach the felt cloud pouch with hanging raindrops to the bottom other side of the RAINBOW Wreath. Now you can proudly DISPLAY your RAINBOW Wreath for St. Patrick's Day by using a large loop of wide ribbon to hang it. I hung mine on a door but it would also look nice over a fireplace, window or large mirror.

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Mar 8, 2016

CREATE: Watercolor Florals PLUS Surprise Inside!

Saying "Hello" to SPRING projects a little early this year! Normally the only kind of plants inside my home are succulents, cactus, vines or tropical ones, but I wanted to change things up a bit this upcoming season by adding some FLOWERS to the mix. Lately a lot of the lifestyle bloggers I follow have been showing off such beautiful FLOWER arrangements with TULIPS, so when I went to purchase some, I decided to get faux FLOWERS from the FLORAL department at the local craft store because it kinda bums me out when the real ones die after a week. Oddly enough, I ended up choosing white TULIPS and LILIES which is very unlike me considering I LOOOOOVE COLOR so much! A couple weeks beforehand I had also found plain white plastic Easter eggs and thought I could use them to fill the inside of the vase to hide the ugly fake stems.

At first my plan was to paint the white Easter eggs with WATERCOLORS but then a BRIGHT IDEA popped into my head and I thought... what if I did the opposite and left the eggs white but hand painted the white FLOWERS with WATERCOLORS instead? Since they're fake anyways, I might as well embrace it and turn the bouquet into a FRESH, BRIGHT and COLORFUL piece of 3-dimensional artwork. But the Designer in me, thought that it would be way too overwhelming to PAINT both the vase filler eggs and the FLOWERS so it was best to keep the eggs white for contrast. PLUS to take the WATERCOLOR FLORALS one step further, I thought it would be cool to put a SURPRISE Easter egg hidden inside each TULIP! Ah ha! Another place to hide my jelly bean stash from the kiddos. Lol. The final product turned out more CHEERY and BEAUTIFUL then I had imagined!!! The painting process was surprisingly so easy that the hard part is actually going to be deciding where to put them in my home because they make every room look so pretty. Maybe I'll just float them around from room to room spreading some SPRING cheer or another BRIGHT IDEA would be to make more WATERCOLOR FLORALS because I enjoyed the process so much! If I do end up taking more photos of them on display in various locations, I will update this post and add them to the bottom. View the images below to see the results for yourself and to get a glimpse of the crafting process in case you would like to paint your own.

FYI:  I will be making lots more SPRING and EASTER crafts for #nationalcraftmonth so if you are on Instagram follow @thecreativeorchard or check out my latest hashtag #createspring.
Can't wait for SPRING to get here!!!

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PLEASE credit Renee Hagloch of and provide a direct link to this post.
If you share on Social Media please credit by tagging photos and also include the appropriate handle such as @thecreativeorchard (Instagram) @theCreativeOrchard (Facebook) @creativeorchard (Pinterest) @creatvorchard (Twitter)  SHARING is CARING - THANK YOU!!!


Michaels Stores:
•  Watercolor Paints - Michaels Stores (
•  Scissors by Martha Stewart - Michaels Stores (
•  Glue Gun by Martha Stewart - Michaels Stores (
•  Faux Water Lily Flowers - Michaels Stores (
•  Large Glass Hurricane Vase - Michaels Stores (
•  Matte White Plastic Easter Egg Vase Filler - Michaels Stores (
•  Lime Green Easter Grass - Michaels Stores (
•  Tan Burlap Sketch Books - Michaels Stores (
•  Medium Glass Candy Jar with Lid - Michaels Stores (
•  Glass Pillar Holder by Ashland - Michaels Stores (

•  Extra Large Wood Tray - HomeGoods (

•  Large Matte White Plastic Easter Egg - Target (
•  Wooden "Hello" and "Spring" Signage - Target (
•  Small Galvanized Bucket - Target (

Jeffrey Alans:
•  Lime Green Glass Plate Charger - Jeffrey Alans (
•  Green Burlap Table Runner - Jeffrey Alans (

Hobby Lobby:
•  Glossy White Plastic Easter Eggs that open - Hobby Lobby (
•  Faux Tulip Flowers - Hobby Lobby (

Dollar Tree:
•  Pastel Speckled Jelly Bean Candies - Dollar Tree (

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