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Jan 14, 2012

CELEBRATE: Very Cherry Craftmas!

What is a Craft Exchange Party?
It is a social gathering that grants skilled crafters the opportunity to exchange ideas, trade techniques, demonstrate tutorials, swap supplies, provide tips, give gifts, supply sources and create crafts. Everyone should keep in mind that participation is the key factor and the more you are involved, the more you will get out of the experience. Participants can be children or seniors, pros or newbies, from California or Illinois, it doesn't really matter - diversity is best. The only interest all the guests need to share in common is... a love for crafting! So whether you get together to craft for just a few hours or decide to make an entire weekend out of it, a craft exchange party will definitely be an educational, enjoyable and memorable event! Have a Very Cherry Craftmas!!!

My Craft Exchange Party-
When planning your craft exchange party, start by choosing a theme. For instance my Craft Exchange Party's theme was focused around classic cherries with brown paper accents. When you send out your invitations be sure to mention that each guest must bring one already handmade craft that is gift wrapped in plain paper and also written directions to exchange with other guests. To make it easier for the host, you could suggest that each guest also bring a homemade dish to share. As each guest arrives, hand them a gift tag with a number on it to attach to the gift they brought. I am sure you can guess what the activities are going to be? Craft projects of course! Create separate designated areas with signs for different types of simple crafts and provide the supplies needed to create them. The stations at this party included paper ornaments, gift wrap embellishing (adding pizazz to the plain gift they brought) and decorate a cone shaped tree. Once crafting is all said and done, exchange the handmade craft gifts by drawing numbers. Match the number you draw to the number on the corresponding gift tag. Encourage everyone to take home the crafts they made as party favors!

Want an inexpensive solution for a tablecloth/tree skirt? Tip: Use a women's muslin ruffle skirt.

Are you constantly losing or running out of gift tags? Tip: Make gift tags using a craft punch.

Feel guilty about trashing expensive gift wrap? Tip: Reuse your ribbon and bows year after year.

5 Gift Wrap Tips:
1. Save Money - Use supplies you already own such as craft paper, old newspapers, cupcake liners, yarn or twine.
2. Controlled Chaos - Keep your supplies organized and the gift wrapping process will be much more enjoyable.
3. Get Creative - Decorating a present should be fun, so just do whatever you think looks pretty. Try adding and subtracting until it feels finished. Putting in the extra effort is always better!
4. Simplify - Keep the color scheme consistent and the packages will look more put together and less distracting. Start with a solid colored base, then experiment with different patterns but keep the style in the same category.
5. Personalize It - Add personal touches for the person receiving the gift, for example a gift tag with their monogram initials on it, a photo card or attach a piece of their favorite candy.

That's A Wrap!

Party styling: the Creative Orchard (Renee Hagloch)
Printable party designs: Cherry Craft Collection available in the Creative Orchard Shop!

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