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Apr 16, 2016


What a crazy BUSY week I have had!!! I'm exhausted but so much PROGRESS has been done to Haley's "SWEET DREAMSBedroom makeover! This is WEEK 2 of the One Room Challenge, if you want to know more about the ORC or you missed my DESIGN INSPIRATION and BEFORE Room Photos from the previous WEEK 1 post go back here. (CLICK to SEE)

ALL of the other ORC "Guest Participants" have linked up (CLICK to SEE) for WEEK 2 at the Calling It Home blog so be sure check up on everyone's rooms progress. All kinds of inspiration is happening!

You can also view the 20 Professional "Featured Designers" room transformations here. (CLICK to SEE) 

If you want to see pics of previous ORC™ Design Entries from past seasons 
or follow this current season, visit these Instagram links below. 

PLUS I will be sharing SNEAK PEEKS of my "SWEET DREAMSBedroom makeover on Social Media. (@thecreativeorchard)

ORC - WEEK 2:  

For WEEK 2 of the One Room Challenge, I focused on lots and lots of PAINTING!!! I thought that it would be easier for me to PAINT everything all at one time that actually needed painted. Not until I started taking before pics of the walls and started looking around at the hand painted scallop border I did for Haley's Baby Nursery, (CLICK to SEE) did I realize how sad painting over it was going to be. So after I got all emotional, I decided to take a couple days to cope with idea of change and just prep the room by cleaning everything out first. Then I removed the outlet covers and patched up all the little holes/scrapes. Haley's EXCITEMENT for her new room really helped to keep me positive and motivated me to move on. Of course both kiddos volunteered to help me get started with the PAINTING. This when I had to let go of my strong desire to completely control the potential of a paint mess. Although it caused a little anxiety, I still felt it was important for the kids, especially Haley, to feel involved with the decorating process. Everything turned out great, the room is now a blank WHITE canvas for me to work with. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) Too bad the WHITE isn't going to be staying for very long... šŸ˜ˆ mooahahaha. In fact I like the fresh WHITE walls so much that it kinda makes me want to paint more WHITE walls in my house but my hubby appears to be annoyed by that statement since I recently painted everything GRAY. So because I can only work on one room at a time, I guess we'll just have to see if that happens later. šŸ˜‰  

To Do PAINT List:

✔ PAINT Bedroom WHITE (to start)
✔ PAINT Trim/Base Boards WHITE
✔ SPRAY PAINT Jenny Lind Headboard AQUA (Once delivered, too "blue" for color scheme)
✔ SPRAY PAINT Pretend Dessert Stand AQUA
✔ SPRAY PAINT Decorative Tray AQUA
✔ SPRAY PAINT Decorative Misc. Decorative Accessories 

SHOPPING List from the WEEK 1 post is DONE! ✔ (CLICK to SEE LIST

Next WEEK, I plan to... 

ORGANIZE Haley's closet by replacing all the storage bins, color coordinating clothing and set up a more functional and attractive accessory area. 

CREATE some of the DIY decorative accessories. 

HANG various window treatments options. 

DESIGN a floor plan for furniture. 

PAINT over the WHITE walls with a NEW PAINTING technique that I've never tried before. Which if it turns out the way it looks in my head, it will look AMAZING! Let's just hope everything goes smoothly and works out the way its supposed to... wish me LUCK!!!

BIG THANKS to Calling It Home and House Beautiful for the One Room Challenge! šŸ’›


  1. Lots of pretty colors here! I have Jenny Lind bed in my daughters room too, they are one of my favorites. Can't wait to see the reveal

  2. I love all of these colors! So fun!

  3. Coming along nicely and I was sad for you when you mentioned painting over the nursery scalloped wall design! I know that will be me one day. They grow so fast. This is coming along nicely and that bed frame is to die for!

  4. Loving the crisp white walls and bright color! Looking for to see what you are going to do over the white walls!


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