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May 1, 2016

DECORATE: SWEET DREAMS Bedroom Closet (ORC - Week 4)

Can you believe it is WEEK 4 of the One Room Challenge already? There are only two weeks left until the BIG REVEAL DAY!!! I just gotta keep the momentum going for a little while longer and then I can look forward to some rest & relaxation. If you want to know more about the ORC or you missed my previous posts for my DESIGN INSPIRATION and BEFORE Room Photos from WEEK 1, the PAINTING Progress from WEEK 2, or the WATERCOLOR Walls PAINT Technique from WEEK 3, click and go to those WEEK's LINKS located above.

ALL of the other ORC "Guest Participants" have also linked up (CLICK to SEE) for WEEK 4 at the Calling It Home blog so be sure check up on everyone each week. 
Lots of progress is being made!

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PLUS I will be sharing SNEAK PEEKS of my "SWEET DREAMSBedroom makeover on Social Media. (@thecreativeorchard)


Honestly, I thought I would have gotten a lot more done this week in Haley's "SWEET DREAMS" Bedroom makeover but everyday life kept interrupting me and took over any free time I had - dropping off/picking up kiddos at school, cooking, cleaning, shopping, major personal decisions which will be discussed further later, exercising, painting, organizing, Teacher Appreciation Week gift making (starts Monday, May 3), blogging, etc. I am probably the most physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted I have been in a loooooong time and it has nothing to do with the makeover! Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track so I don't fall too far behind the other One Room Challenge participants.

Thankfully, I was able to find some time to get started on ORGANIZING and DECORATING her closet. When we went SHOPPING, I purchased a lot of the bedroom decor from the Pillowfort collection @ Target. Such as multiple colors of STORAGE bins/baskets, "Frozen Fantasy" SHEET SET and Jenny Lind style END TABLE. There were a lot of CURTAIN options to choose from also but I still haven't decided on those yet and will probably make it a last minute decision. (VIEW PHOTOS BELOW) 

Pillowfort STORAGE bin/basket options @ Target.

Pillowfort BEDDING and PILLOW options @ Target plus a SALE was going on.

"Frozen Fantasy" SHEET SET by Pillowfort which was the color INSPIRATION.

Pillowfort Jenny Lind END TABLE which matches our Jenny Lind HEADBOARD @ Target.

Tons of Pillowfort CURTAIN options that were available @ Target.

These mirrored PHOTO FRAMES are really similar to the style of the ones we had already purchased years ago and will be using for artwork in the room.

Here is the CLOSET "BEFORE" photo. It functions okay like this but I thought it could improve a lot more by adding much larger storage bins on the left side for clothing, large bins at the top for toys which include small parts, extra large bin/basket for the dolls/stuffed animals towards the middle bottom and small washable plastic bins to hold seasonal/play shoes inside the very bottom cubbies. It also would be nice to have a more attractive fashion accessories area on the big shelf in the middle. It would look SWEET if items were stored in ICE CREAM containers and DESSERT stands to go along with the SWEET DREAMS theme. The cardboard hat boxes located at the very top are getting a SWEET makeover too! I will be sharing the results of that CRAFT PROJECT on Social Media tomorrow (@thecreativeorchard). After I ORGANIZED and DECORATED everything in her CLOSET, I decided to go ahead and do the same WATERCOLOR Paint Technique as the walls from WEEK 3 onto a piece of foam board to use as a prettier decorative backdrop behind the accessories display. It's all done but you don't get to see the finished CLOSET until the REVEAL! But you do get a SNEAK PEEK of the progress... (VIEW PHOTOS BELOW)

What could I possibly be BAKING oops, I mean MAKING for Haley's SWEET DREAMS bedroom with a couple of hat boxes, hot glue and tons of ribbon? Hmmm... Oh how I LOVE crafting with such pretty RIBBON!!! 💕

Next WEEK, I plan to... 

Finish ORGANIZING the closet by displaying accessories using SWEET unconventional storage solutions.

HANG shelving and photo frames.

REARRANGE the large sized furniture pieces and finalize a floor plan.

SEW pennant banners and pillows.

CREATE more DIY decor.

The majority of WEEK 5 will be focused on getting all the CRAFT projects done so the final week is just DECORATING with accessories and making artwork. I will try to include a SUPER SWEET craft tutorial!!!

BIG THANKS to Calling It Home and House Beautiful for the One Room Challenge! 💛

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