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Jul 10, 2013

UPDATE: the Creative Orchard is GROWING!

It has been such a long time since my last blog post that I thought readers might like an UPDATE on what's NEW with the Creative Orchard. Basically I have been working on GROWING the Creative Orchard in a BUNCH of various ways. Here are a few ways my small business will be GROWING this year...

FRESH look for the Creative Orchard with the addition of a variety of vibrant colors, watercolor backdrops and creativity themed graphics seen in all my web headers. Buttons have been simplified to easily navigate to pages that are organized to target more specific categories. Who knows? I will probably "FRESH'IN" it up again next week.   ;)

Brainstorming upcoming blog post ideas that are BURSTING with flavor! Do-it-yourself fashion alterations, repurposed home decor, outdoor activities, yummy yet healthy recipes, helpful how-tos for everyday easy entertaining and so much more. The hardest decision is which idea to share first!

Updating the Creative Orchard shop with NEW do-it-yourself printable themes PLUS I will be introducing INSTANT DOWNLOADS that are faster, reliable, more affordable & incredibly convenient for customers.

Expanding the Creative Orchard shop by adding my NEW line of products called "Crafty Re-Creations" - Available this July! Separate blog post with all the JUICY details coming soon!

Participated in my first CRAFT FAIR during the Washington Cherry Festival. Above is a photo of the ferris wheel I took that weekend with my iphone and later displayed in a frame I decorated. I still get amazed by all the possibilites in Adobe Photoshop! Filling up an entire 10 foot by 10 foot tent with my "Crafty Re-Creations" was not as easy as I imagined. But now that I have taken the plunge and gotten my first experience out of the way, I have learned from my mistakes and am able to make things much better for my next showing. If you or someone you know is planning on having an art/craft booth this summer, here are a few TIPS:
•  Set up your space at home ahead of time to get an idea of how it's going to look. That way you can adjust your displays and add/subtract products. Then take a quick pic to use as a reference!
•  Remember that your display presentation is just as important as the products you are selling. I received lots of compliments about how colorful and creative my space was which I happen to believe is what visually drew people into my tent.
•  Take careful consideration into the vehicle(s) that you will be using to transport your items back-and-forth. Choose transportation that is roomy and practical such as a covered truck, small trailer or SUV.
•  When choosing display props, find ones that are light-weight, easy to carry, small scale, multi-functional and collapsable if possible. Most importantly recruit help! Ask a friend or family to tag along for physical labor, emotional support, entertainment and to help boost sales!
• As for pricing products, be sure to have items that are affordable for all customers. Price products that are cheap, easy and quick to make in the $1 - $3 range. Ones that are much more difficult, time consuming or creatively complicated may be priced much higher. Never under estimate what your creativity is worth. Wishing lots of GOOD FORTUNE to you!!! Have FUN!

While I was watching over the craft tent, my mom, Sheila, went across the street to Holland's Caramelcorn and surprised me with Uncle Bob's brand HOMEMADE ICE CREAM. I tried two scoops of homemade strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream inside a freshly made waffle cone. Hands down the TASTIEST ICE CREAM I have ever had in my entire life! I WILL ALWAYS SCREAM FOR THIS ICE CREAM!!!

The Creative Orchard's designs will not just be showcased only on paper printables anymore. In addition, CREATIVE DESIGNS will also be available on fabric, wallpaper, decals & gift wrap. Inspired by my LOVE of life's celebrations, nature's elements and vintage motifs. Imagine vibrant colors and whimsical prints all designed with a handmade aesthetic. Sneak peaks will be available throughout my creative process.

A series of NEW e-zines focussed on different topics will be released randomly throughout the year. Each issue will be overflowing with do-it-yourself CREATIVE ideas! If you want to STAY INFORMED about release dates or topics, become a fan on facebook.

the Creative Orchard was mentioned in the July 2013 issue of REDBOOK MAGAZINE! A photo of my diy watermelon balloons originally seen in my Watermelon Picnic Party was featured as #23 of Redbook's "31 days of SUMMER pleasures" article!

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