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Jun 23, 2016

EAT: Lemonade Popsicles

It has been sooooo HOT and HUMID outside lately!!! And when I'm looking for a super simple REFRESHING solution to keep the kiddos COOL and happy during the summer months, POPSICLES or ICE COLD LEMONADE are usually the first options I think of. But, one day while I was out shopping at Michaels, I spotted a variety of Zoku POPSICLE molds and thought it might be fun to make our own for once. I hadn't had a chance to go to the grocery store to look for supplies yet, and the kids were already begging me to make some POPSICLES right away which meant the only thing I could do at the moment was use ingredients I already had. So when life gives you LEMONS, LEMONADE and a FREEZER, make LEMONADE POPSICLES! I've never actually made my own popsicles before but I figured it can't be that hard? I thought that this idea for a popsicle recipe sounded extremely easy for me to try out for my first attempt plus it would probably be impossible for me to mess them up. Lol.



Zoku Brand POPSICLE Mold @ Michaels
Simply Lemonade Beverage @ Target
Fresh Lemons

DIY Directions:

1.) RINSE popsicle molds

2.) POUR lemonade liquid into molds slightly below "fill line"

3.) CUT thin lemon slice halves

4.) DROP lemon slices inside lemonade liquid which will cause everything to go up to "fill line"

5.) PUSH popsicle lids/sticks on top

6.) PLACE filled popsicle molds inside cold freezer until completely frozen

7.) REMOVE frozen popsicles from molds then EAT and ENJOY!

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Stay COOL this SUMMER!!!

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