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Dec 21, 2011

INSPIRE: That's A Wrap!

This year before wrapping gifts, I decided to seek INSPIRATION on Pinterest. As if I really need another "reason" to visit their website and feed my addiction. I spotted many ideas from bloggers that got creative with CRAFT PAPER packaging. The first image is of the gift wrap that I created based off of my top 12 favorites inspirations which can be seen after my example... That's A Wrap! 

Creative IDEA 1: Paper Straw Snowflakes
Source: Centsational Girl
Creative IDEA 2: Reuse Shopping Bags 
Source: A Creative Mint
Creative IDEA 3: Monogram Gift Tags 
Source: Haute Apple Pie

Creative IDEA 4: Recipe Labels 
Source: Think Garnish
Creative IDEA 5: Yarn Pom Pom Bows
Source: Bugs and Fishes
Creative IDEA 6: Washi Tape
Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Creative IDEA 7: Photo Tags
Source: Pear Tree Greetings
Creative IDEA 8: Book Page Pinwheels 
Source: Classy Columbus Designs
Creative IDEA 9: Doilies and Felt Coasters 
Source: A Creative Mint
Creative IDEA 10: Typographic Names 
Source: Man Made DIY
Creative IDEA 11: Snowflake Cut-out
Source: How About Orange
Creative IDEA 12: Candy Favors
Source: stephmodo

Dec 19, 2011

CELEBRATE: Favorite Things Celebration


How does it work? Each person brings 5 of their FAVORITE THING and it can't cost more than $5. Now let's do the math... 5 of the same item times $5 each equals a $25 total budget. Got it? Number of guests invited and amount of budget may vary according to the party host. You can choose one of anything you like such as your FAVORITE lotion, gift card to your FAVORITE store, FAVORITE kitchen utensil, box of your FAVORITE candy, FAVORITE magazine, etc. In addition to the gifts, you could also ask everyone to share their FAVORITE FOOD or DRINK.

Once you have arrived at the party, write your name on five slips of paper and toss in a bowl. Pass the bowl around so that each guest can draw five different names (be sure not to pick your own). One at a time each person introduces their FAVORITE THING and then reads out loud the five names they picked from the bowl while giving their FAVORITE THING to those five guests.

After everyone at the party has presented their FAVORITE THING, each individual should end up with 5 gifts. As a courtesy, the host should provide a gift box or bag for them to conveniently take their gifts home. The most interesting part of the party is seeing what other people have chosen to share as their FAVORITE THING! Who knows, maybe someone else's FAVORITE THING may end up being your NEW FAVORITE THING?

This "Celebrate Favorite Things" PARTY FEATURE can also be seen online inside "HomeMade for the Holidays" 2011 Idea Guide! Click Here.

"Confetti Celebration" Printable Collection is currently available in the Creative Orchard Shop for a limited time only! Holiday Special Price!

Product Sources:
Printables "Confetti Celebration" Collection - the Creative Orchard Shop
Gray Striped Paper Straws, Twine - Shop Sweet Lulu
Glitter Paper, Frame Stand, Glass Ball Candlesticks, Gable Boxes - Hobby Lobby
Clear Acrylic Tray, Straw Dispenser - Home Goods
Ornament Garland, Dot Spray, Dot String - Target
Martini Shaker - Bed, Bath & Beyond
Sand Hourglass - Z-Gallerie
Margarita Glasses - Pier 1
Plastic Cups - JC Penney
Mirrored Trees - Dollar Tree
White Christmas Tree - Sears (Martha Stewart Everyday)

Dec 16, 2011

CREATE: Easy Edible Snow Globe

As seen in "HomeMade for the Holidays" Idea Guide, the Easy Edible Snow Globe is a creative substitute for the traditional gingerbread house. Depending upon the size of your "snow globe"... a small one could be displayed at a single place setting or a large sized one as a table centerpiece. This is a fun, yummy, affordable and easy holiday project for kids or adults!

Supplies Needed:
• ribbon
• tape
• cupcake liner
• glass round vase/fish bowl
• bowl (cereal size)
• plate (saucer size)
• tooth picks/lollipop sticks
• assortment of soft candies (gum drops, fruit slices, marshmallows, etc.)
• sno ball cake
• peppermint stick
• holiday lollipop
TIP: Get creative with your edible snow globe scene supplies
and try decorating with any of your favorite candies!
1.) Create an edible snow globe scene by using a sno ball cake as the base, insert an assortment of candies into the cake with tooth picks/sticks. When done, set aside.
2.) Start to build your snow globe by placing plate right-side-up on a table surface. Place bowl upside-down on top of a plate. Then carefully set your edible snow globe scene on the bottom of the bowl. Place a glass round vase upside-down over the entire scene.
3.) Add decorative touches by taping a thick ribbon around the base of the globe. Tape a small bow to the bottom of an upside-down cupcake liner and finish by setting it on the top of the globe. Now you have an Easy Edible Snow Globe to munch on!

Product Sources:
Cupcake liners - Shop Sweet Lulu
Ceramic bowl and plate - Target
Glass round vase and ribbon - Hobby Lobby
Holiday lollipops, gum drops, sno ball cakes and tooth picks - Walmart
Peppermint sticks - Party City

Dec 7, 2011

INSPIRE: 2011 "HomeMade for the Holidays" Idea Guide

HomeMade for the Holidays has been published and ready to be viewed! The Creative Orchard's first issue of our Idea Guide includes an eclectic collection of contributors that share creative inspirations, styling tips, DIY holiday decor, homemade recipes, gift ideas, project tutorials and MUCH MORE!

Visit my blog frequently this month for MORE detailed posts of some of the Creative Orchard's projects and printables already seen in the Idea Guide.

We hope HomeMade for the Holidays Idea Guide creatively inspires you this season! WARMEST HOMEMADE HOLIDAY WISHES!

Pen n' Paper Flowers
LA Creative Studio
Sweet Little Details
Beautiful Days
Sitting in a Tree
Shop Sweet Lulu
Frog Prince Paperie
Celebrations at Home

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