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Oct 21, 2015

CREATE: Watercolor Painted Pumpkins

What could possibly be a better way to PAINT PUMPKINS then to start off with BLANK CANVAS ones?  It must have been the artist in me that felt I needed to start with a BLANK CANVAS before I could imagine how I should paint my fake PUMPKINS - a.k.a "Funkins". So in my opinion, I think the most effective way to achieve any paint techniques would be to give your Pumpkins/Funkins a fresh coat of WHITE "Satin" Finish Spray Paint. Unfortunately, I could only find black or orange pumpkins because all the WHITE ones were sold out! All these techniques should also work on those brand NEW "HALF" Pumpkins/Funkins that are now available this year too but were also… sold out! Bummer.  Maybe everyone else will have better luck finding the Pumpkin/Funkin colors they need. This is ONLY one paint technique of many that I will be sharing this fall season for my new series #createfall, so please follow along or join in the DIY FALL fun by adding the hashtag #createfall to your photos or posts. Abstract Watercolor was the first paint technique that popped into my head because its what I am most comfortable with. I took some Watercolor classes back in college and have been in looooove with anything Watercolor ever since. Here are the DIY INSTRUCTIONS on how to CREATE your own Watercolor Painted Pumpkins...

DIY TUTORIAL:  Watercolor Painted Pumpkins

1 Large Pumpkin/Funkin 
1 Can "Satin" Finish Spray Paint (White)
1 Large Round Tip Watercolor Brush
Watercolor Paint (Your Choice of Colors)
Small Jar/Cup Clean Water
1 Can "Matte" Finish Spray Protector


STEP #1:  SPRAY the entire Pumpkin/Funkin with White "Satin" Finish Spray Paint. Let paint DRY completely!

STEP #2:  Lightly SPRINKLE/SPRITZ the Watercolor Paint palette with clean water. 

STEP #3:  Barely COAT the dry Large Round Tip Watercolor Brush with clean water. 

STEP #4:  APPLY a very small amount of Watercolor Paint onto the paint brush. 

STEP #5:  Gently and slowly PUSH the Watercolor Paint around in a small area. It will end up looking like an abstract blob. VIEW PHOTO EXAMPLES. (NOTE: TOO much water will cause the paint to separate around the edges, LESS is best!) Then let paint DRY.

STEP #6:  REPEAT Steps #3, #4 and #5. It's your Choice to use multiple COLORS

STEP #7:  To give a protective finish, lightly SPRAY a coat of CLEAR "Matte" Finish Spray Protector. Let DRY completely! Now your are DONE and ready to DECORATE with your NEW Watercolor Painted Pumpkins!!!

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