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Sep 27, 2015

CREATE: Eggcorn Capsules

This is the first post of many for my new DIY FALL IDEAS series called #createfall. Everyone is invited to JOIN or FOLLOW along with me in this DIY FALL FUN adventure that's happening all month long!!!

FALL is finally here and what could be a better time to drag out your Easter Eggs? Huh, say what? You heard that right, you are going to need leftover plastic Easter Eggs in order to make these DIY ACORNS a.k.a. "Eggcorn Capsules", but I promise these are totally worth digging through your spring holiday storage. These ACORNS turned out sooo adorable, if I do say so myself! Even the kiddos are begging me for them already and they have no idea there is actual candy inside!

Let's get this #createfall crafty party started...


• Plastic Eggs
  (colorful or plain white)
• Multi-surface Satin Finish Craft Paint
  (white, gray, blue, orange, red, aqua, yellow, green, pink, etc.)
• Flat Tip Paint Brush
• Small Sponge
• Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks
• Rope or Braided Cording
  (NOTE: I used 3 different thickness sizes of rope but you can choose to use only one size) 
• Matte Finish Paint/Surface Sealer (optional)
• Egg Filler (optional)
  (Candy, Nuts, Treats, Gifts, Potpourri, Confetti, etc.)


STEP #1:  Dig your plastic Easter eggs out of STORAGE! Wipe CLEAN if necessary and let DRY.

STEP #2:  Using Multi-surface Craft Paint and a Flat Tip Paint Brush, slowly PAINT one coat of long brush strokes all the way around the longer/bigger bottom egg cap portion ONLY! Let the first coat of paint DRY completely! (NOTE: when you snap open a plastic egg, there is a small top cap portion and a longer/bigger bottom cap portion, it is not recommended to paint the smaller top cap)

STEP #3:  REPEAT "STEP #2" by applying a second coat of PAINT. Let the second coat of paint DRY completely! (NOTE: you may apply as many coats of paint that you feel necessary to cover the egg, but let each coat dry completely otherwise it will cause paint to pull/drag and cause clumps)

STEP #4: In order to disguise the glossy plastic egg surface, this step is necessary to transform it into looking like "distressed" chalk paint which adds more texture. After all the previous coats of paint have dried completely, on the longer/bigger bottom egg cap portion, dab/blot a Small Sponge in a "teeny tiny" amount of white paint and very lightly barely drag/smear the sponge vertically from top to bottom creating a streaky white wash paint effect. This step is GREAT for hiding any "BOO BOO's" or imperfections during the previous painting steps. (NOTE: If you accidentally paint too many white streaks then just reverse back to STEP #3Let the third coat of white paint DRY completely!  

STEP #5:  To make the ACORN cap, use the Hot Glue Gun to GLUE a small circle of glue on the very top center of the smaller top egg cap portion, then very quickly place one end of the small size rope onto the glue. Start adding small amounts of GLUE around the outer edge of the rope, then keep placing the rope in a spiraling pattern until it to resembles a cinnamon roll. REPEAT this step until the entire smaller top egg cap portion is completely covered in rope EXEPT a tiny space left untouched around the rim so the longer/bigger bottom egg cap portion can still easily snap into the smaller top egg cap portion. (NOTE: I personally did SIX rows of SMALL sized rope, then THREE rows of MEDIUM sized rope, then ONE row of LARGE sized rope to achieve the 3-dimensional look of a real acorns cap/top [view photos for example]) 

STEP #6:  To add a stem to the ACORN cap, you need a short piece of MEDIUM sized rope with a knot tied to the top and bottom of it. GLUE one knot to the very top center of the smaller top egg cap portion. 

STEP #7: (OPTIONAL) Gently PAINT or SPRAY a coat of Matte Finish Paint/Surface Sealer to the longer/bigger bottom egg cap portion in order to seal the paint and give it a protective finish. This step is only necessary if the ACORNS will be handled a lot by opening/closing them.

STEP #8: (OPTIONAL) Fill your NEW Eggcorn Capsules with candy, nuts, treats, potpourri, confetti, etc.  DIY project is DONE!

Here are a few creative ideas for your DIY ACORNS to get you inspired...
- They can be used as fall decor by displaying them inside a vase, jar, bowl or basket.
- Scatter them throughout a fall tablescape and tell guests they are a party favor with a treat inside!
- Make a tree branch "floral" arrangement and hang them on the branches.
- Attach them onto a handmade wreath or already made leaf garland.
- Take it a step further by turning them into a garland by stringing a long piece of yarn through the acorn's stem.

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