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Oct 22, 2015

CREATE: Mosaic Sponge Painted Pumpkins

What can you CREATE when you PIECE together SPONGE wedges, craft PAINT and a PUMPKIN? A MOSAIC masterpiece for FALL of course!!! I must admit that originally I was planning on going a slightly different direction and this idea was actually plan B. My first idea when I started planning this pumpkin, was to make a modern geometric triangle design but then when I examined the wedge sponges up closer, I realized the triangles were kind of horizontally stretched out which was not exactly what I wanted. So, then I started to come up with a plan B... I wondered what they would look like if I cut the sponge wedges into random trapezoids, triangles, etc.? At that moment the shapes reminded me of a mosaic pattern so that's when I decided it would become a Mosaic Sponge Painted Pumpkin! After seeing the finished results, I am so happy with it and I think that the other design wouldn't have had as much of a design impact that this one does. Yay for HAPPY ACCIDENTS!!!  Have you also been busy Decorating Pumpkins this FALL? Be sure to add #createfall to share your designs! I hope you enjoy making these MOSAIC pumpkins as much as I did, below is the DIY Tutorial...

DIY TUTORIAL:  Watercolor Painted Pumpkins

1 Large Pumpkin/Funkin 
1 Can "Satin" Finish Spray Paint (White)
1 Pack (8-16 Count) Sponge Wedges (Located in Make-up Department)
Craft Paint(s) (Your Choice of Amount of Colors)
1 Plate or Paint Palette (Plastic or Heavyweight Paper)
1 Can "Matte" Finish Spray Protector


STEP #1:  SPRAY the entire Pumpkin/Funkin with White "Satin" Finish Spray Paint. Let paint DRYcompletely!

STEP #2:  SQUEEZE a small amount of craft paint onto a plate or palette.

STEP #3:  Gently PRESS a sponge into the craft paint, then double check that one side is entirely lightly covered in a thin coat of craft paint.

STEP #4:  Carefully PRESS the wet paint sponge onto the Pumpkin/Funkin in your desired location, then slowly release. Let paint DRYVIEW PHOTO EXAMPLES. 

STEP #5:  REPEAT Steps #2, #3 and #4 until the entire Pumpkin/Funkin is covered completely with the mosaic design. It's your Choice to use multiple COLORS

STEP #6:  To give a protective finish, lightly SPRAY a coat of CLEAR "Matte" Finish Spray Protector. Let DRY completely! Now your are DONE and ready to DECORATE with your NEW MOSAIC Sponge Painted Pumpkin!!!

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