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Nov 3, 2019

Global Chic Guest Bathroom - ORC Week 5

This is Week 5 of the One Room Challenge which means all my projects need to be finished up ASAP and photos will need to be taken in the next few days for the FINAL REVEAL this coming weekend!!! I’m sure there are many other Guest Participants and Featured Designers that got their rooms done already and are just relaxing by now but I’m not one of them. During the last few weeks, I have had to get a filling and crown for one tooth, then a filling in a second tooth but then the dentist realized it needed a root canal instead so they drilled through the new filling then had to do the filling again and put a crown on that tooth as well. Then last week I started not feeling very well so I couldn’t work on anything for about 5 days which was the worst timing ever because of how much I still needed to get done for the ORC. But I am moving around more now and trying my best to show a room that looks finished. Everything should get done except possibly the penny tile that was supposed to go above the shower but it really isn’t necessary right now anyways. My last BIG project I’m starting tomorrow is painting the stenciled ceramic tile flooring. Sometimes you can’t do everything you planned and changes have to be made. So I’m trying to stay positive and continue to make the room better than it was before!

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I’m so excited to show you every little detail of my finished Global Chic Guest Bathroom this weekend! Everyone’s FINAL ORC REVEALS are coming so soon! Follow along on Instagram ( @thecreativeorchard ) for progress photos and videos in my insta stories! Click on the Instagram Highlight called “ORC” to see sneak peeks from this ORC and ones from the past.

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One Room Challenge | ORC | @oneroomchallenge | #oneroomchallenge

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To learn more information about the ORC or to check out the progress of the other Guest Participants and Featured Designers room transformations, visit! You can also follow the ORC on Instagram @oneroomchallenge #oneroomchallenge or @betterhomesandgardens #bhgorc

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