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Oct 3, 2019

Global Chic Guest Bathroom - ORC Week 1

Can you believe that this is actually the third time I have been a Guest Participant in the One Room Challenge ? You would think I would be an expert at doing this by now but I’m not. Every time I work on a big project in my house, I learn way more than before because each room design is so different and I keep trying to challenge my skills by choosing DIY projects that I haven’t tried in the past. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I really enjoy participating in the ORC because it makes me feel motivated and connected to the other Featured Designers/Guest Participants. It’s as if we’re all in this together and have the same goal of completely finishing a room in our home. I am constantly decorating and doing small projects here and there but when I’m not joining this Design Challenge, I usually don’t feel like a room is done, it seems like everything is a never ending work in progress which then leaves me feeling very unsatisfied and frustrated. When I walk into the two rooms I did previously for the ORC, I feel very proud, happy, content and fulfilled about what I had accomplished. So let’s get ready to do this again! During the next 6 weeks I am super excited to be giving my boring “builder grade” GUEST BATHROOM a makeover!

To learn more information about the ORC, to register as a Guest Participant, or to check out the other participants/designers room transformations, visit . You can also follow the ORC on Instagram @oneroomchallenge #oneroomchallenge #bhgorc.

For the last 13 years, the only thing I have done to this room is paint the walls once and switched out the shower curtain many times. That’s pretty sad for a designer! I’m starting to feel bad for my kids and guests who have to use a bathroom that is just soooooo boring and blah especially since I’ve worked so hard making most of the other rooms so pretty. This room started out with tan walls, cream countertops, white toilet, gigantic wall mirror, cheap leaky faucets, ugly lighting, cinnamon maple wood cabinets and beige ceramic tile. The leftover beige ceramic tile was also used around my fireplace, yuck! The only thing I like about this bathroom is the large room size and bright skylight. For some reason the builder made the guest bathroom way larger than the master bathroom which has secretly annoyed me for years. Here is the “BEFORE” picture of the guest BATHROOM...

Now let’s get to the fun part, the DESIGN PLAN! Lately I have been very INSPIRED by the places I travel to on family vacations such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Grand Caymans, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. I love all the vibrant paint colors, intricate textiles, rustic woods, luscious greenery and exotic wildlife. So I’m calling the style inspiration for this space, Global Chic with Bohemian touches of course! Below is my INSPIRATION BOARD so you can start to visualize what I have in mind...



WALLS - Light Gray Paint (touching up existing paint) and maybe a Wallpaper Accent Wall
FLOORS - Gray Paint with White Patterned Stencils
CEILING - Wood Beams inside Skylight with Hand-painted Greenery
SHOWER - Bohemian Shower Curtain(s) and White Ceramic Backsplash Tile above Shower Walls
VANITY - Coral Painted Cabinets, Wood Countertop, Ceramic Vessel Sinks, Chrome or Matte Black Faucets, Chrome Knobs, Round Mirrors
LIGHTING - Modern Chrome and Matte Black Vanity Light
HARDWARE - Chrome Towel Rods, Chrome Shower Rod
DECOR - Macrame Planters, Elephant Basket, Elephant Figurine, Coral Textiles
DIY PROJECTS - Wood Ladder Shelf, Paint Artwork, Wood Beams and maybe Succulent Planter

Follow along on Instagram ( @thecreativeorchard ) for progress photos and videos in my insta stories! Click on the Instagram Highlight called “ORC” to see sneak peeks from this ORC and ones from the past.

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To learn more information about the ORC or to check out the progress of the other Guest Participants and Featured Designers room transformations, visit! You can also follow the ORC on Instagram @oneroomchallenge #oneroomchallenge or @betterhomesandgardens #bhgorc

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