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Jan 10, 2016

CREATE: Pom Pom Tutu PLUS Snowball Toss Game

This multi-color POM POM Tutu is just "tutu" CUTE not to share the DIY Tutorial with my fellow crafters! It's the perfect super easy craft PROJECT to make for any little girly girl who loves to play dress up and twirl around the house! The CREATIVE IDEA popped into my head while sitting at my desk and starring at my Gumball Machines that are filled with POM POM balls that unfortunately never get used but are adorable to look at. If you look closely at the photos below, you will actually notice that there are multiple DIY project ideas that could easily be achieved in one afternoon if you have some POM POMS, basic supplies, scissors and a glue gun. Although I only share the step-by-step instructions for the DIY POM POM Tutu, just by glancing you should be able to easily figure out how to also CREATE the POM POM hair clips, button leg warmers with POM POM bobby pins PLUS a Snowball Toss Game with a POM POM smile! The Snowball Toss Game was originally CREATED for my son, Allen's Classroom Holiday Party but the kiddos enjoyed playing it so much that we kept reusing it during my daughter, Haley's Birthday Party, Winter Break and Weekend Playdates. It would also be a FUN game during Snow Days if its too cold outside to play or for those who live in warm climates and don't get to experience building a "real" snowman.

I would love for you to SHARE how you choose to CRAFT with your POM POMS in the comments section! I literally have TOOOOO many POM POMS and I really need more IDEAS on how to use them. Below is a photo overload of all the ways I could quickly come up with to craft with my POM POMS...

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• Solid Colored Tutu (handmade at or store bought at Target, Children's Place, Gymboree, etc.)
• Miniature Pom Poms (available at Craft Stores, Walmart, etc.)
• Glue Gun (available at Craft Stores, Walmart, etc.)
• Glue Sticks (available at Craft Stores, Walmart, etc.)


STEP #1:  SPREAD out the Tutu as flat as possible on a smooth surface.

STEP #2:  LAYOUT the miniature sized Pom Poms in a random pattern all over the Tutu.

STEP #3:  Carefully GLUE a dot onto a Pom Pom and quickly PLACE it onto the top of the Tutu. REPEAT Step #3 until all the desired amount of Pom Poms are glued all over the Tutu. Let DRY completely! Easy as 1,2, 3 and your project is DONE!!! 

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