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Dec 22, 2015

DECORATE: Colorful Winter Wonderland Dining Room

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside a SNOW GLOBE? Well that's how the inspiration for my Dining Room's HOLIDAY decor all started. I've always been a HUUUUUGE fan of everything that reminds me of a retro/vintage Christmas, especially BOTTLE BRUSH TREES! I almost purchased some last year but I decided to wait because all I could find were green, white, silver and gold ones. If you haven't learned by now... I like COLOR, lots and lots of COLOR!!! So when Target released their new HOLIDAY collection this year, I guess you could say I was literally DROOOOOLING over the COLORFUL BOTTLE BRUSH TREES that were available in so many different COLORS and sizes. So of course, all of them "accidentally" fell into my shopping cart. And that's when my COLORFUL Winter Wonderland Dining Room decor plan began.

Then I stopped by Dollar Tree Store and found tons of GIGANTIC SNOWFLAKES and mini snowflakes for only $1 but they were only available in clear/white. So of course, I broke out the handy dandy SPRAY PAINT to add a burst of COLOR to the middle of each SNOWFLAKE. They were hung in front of both windows kinda like a SNOWFLAKE curtain. I hung some GIANT ICE CYCLES that I already owned on the chandelier. The centerpiece base was a disco mosaic mirror on top of a lazy susan. The modern triangular mosaic printed table runner and chair cover fabric was a DIY sewing project I quickly made that was originally a fabric shower curtain from Target. Tiny disco balls were scattered everywhere and some were hot glued together in the shape of a SNOWMAN for the inside of my DIY SNOW GLOBE made out of giant fish bowl.

When everything was almost finished, I still felt like something was missing... which I later realized was extra mood lighting. So I did one last DIY craft project which was my "SNOWY SPARKLY CANDLE LIGHTS" (click for DIY TUTORIAL here) plus I added tiny string lights to all my palm tree plants. Finally, it was all finished! It turned out soooo DREAMY, if only it would actually SNOW outside, then my living SNOW GLOBE vision would be complete. Below is the REVEAL of my mini home tour featuring the COLORFUL Winter Wonderland Dining Room!!!

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• Bottle Brush Trees, Outdoor Ottomans, Plastic Cups, Shower Curtain Fabric, Curtains, Floating Shelves, Fake Snow, Silver Plate Chargers @ Target
• Ceramic Plant Stands/Stools, Tropical Plants, Style Selections 18-Light Chandelier, Valspar Brand Spray Paint, Modway Paris White Side Chairs @ Lowes Home Improvement
• Decorative Miniature Disco Balls, Mirrored Decorative Gifts, String Lights, Ice Cycles, Silver Glitter Ribbon, Shiny Silver Bead Rings @ Hobby Lobby
• Gift Wrap Supplies @ HomeGoods & Target
• Snowflakes, Glass Votives, Fake Candles @ Dollar Tree Store
• Napkins and Round Placemats  @ Bed, Bath & Beyond
• Disco Mosaic Mirror, Lazy Susan @ IKEA
• Dark Gray Ottoman Bench @ JC Penney
• Plastic Melamine Plates @ Kohl's 
• Decorative Scotch Tape, Blue Faux Fur Blanket @ Walmart
• Vintage Drexel Declaration Dining Table & Chairs by Kipp Stewart

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