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Aug 27, 2012

CELEBRATE: Cherry Sundae Social

At last I finally had an excuse to have a Cherry Sundae Social and was able to invite my neighbors over for a fun playdate. The little girl, Allie, looked adorable in a multi colored fabric ruffled dress with a handmade "sundae" apron available at the Route 66 St. Louis Etsy Shop! She was so excited, she mentioned that it was one of the prettiest outfits she had ever worn. My son, Allen wore a red polka dot bow tie and chocolate brown suspenders that I sewed for him. To my surprise, he liked his outfit so much that he got upset when he had to change out of his clothes when it was nap time. The kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves and for some reason eating sprinkles was one of their favorite things to do. The gumball machine was also a big hit! It's been many days later and Allen is still obsessed with tossing around the red polka dot balloons. He really wanted his new friends to stay longer because he thought they lived far away and wouldn't get a chance to see them again for a long time, but I informed him that all he had to do was look out his bedroom window to see their house across the street. He then said, "oh that's ok, I can see them whenever I want".  Let's just hope he meant with mommy and not try to visit them all by himself.

DIY Projects:
Once I got used to my new sewing machine, I got more outgoing and also made my first dress, fabric bunting and an awning. After those sewing projects, I have definitely learned from my mistakes but I still think a sewing demonstration or class might be helpful. The crafty hanging ice cream cones were made using a similar technique as this tutorial by Icing Designs. For me this craft was a blast from the past because my mother originally taught me how to make these when I was a kid and then we handmade the styrofoam ice cream cones again & a cupcake version about 5 years ago as tree ornaments to go along with my Sweet Shoppe theme for a Breast Cancer fundraiser event and we sold out fast! The main DIY project that I decided to tackle was a tea cart makeover. The original plan was to use it in my baby Haley's room, but since she is a baby and can't really use it yet... I borrowed it for our Cherry Sundae Social because it reminded me of an ice cream cart a street vendor might have used back in the 50's. Later this week I will share detailed photos and instructions about my tea cart makeover. The hardest part was probably sewing the fabric awning because it has a very precise arch shape. Overall I am very happy with how my project turned out and I think Haley will enjoy it when she gets a little older.

Event Details:
For desserts we had Cherry Sundaes and Cherry Sundae Cola Floats. Click HERE for recipe! The ingredients provided were neapolitan ice cream, cherries, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, cool whip, chocolate syrup, grenadine and Coca-Cola soda pop. All accessories had a retro style such as an old fashioned gumball machine, straw dispenser, ice cream shoppe glassware, napkin dispenser, chalkboard, chrome clock and candy canisters.

Baby Haley missed out on all the excitement because she got sleepy right before our guests arrived, but she was very smiley afterwards!

Product Sources:
Sundae Child Apron, Sundae Adult Apron - Route 66 St. Louis Etsy Shop
Straw Dispenser - HomeGoods
Napkin Dispenser, Retro Glassware, Gumball Machine, Clock - Goodwill
Party Supplies - Walmart & Party City
Coca-Cola Bottles, Craft Supplies - Walmart
Color Cones, Ice Cream, Toppings - Kroger
Tea Cart, Metal Stool - Craigslist
Bunting Fabric - JoAnn Fabrics
Paper Straws - Gordmans
Chalkboard Plaque - Target

DIY Sources:
Ice Cream Cone Tutorial - Icing Designs

GIVEAWAY is now closed!!!  
Susan Surrells Jankovsky is the WINNER 
of the Cherry Sundae Social Supplies Package!

Giveaway Includes: (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!)
(1) Do-it-yourself Printable Invitation - Sundae Theme (by the Creative Orchard Etsy Shop)
(1) Sundae Fabric Child Size Apron (provided by Route 66 St. Louis Etsy Shop)
(2) Sundae/Multi Patterned Fabric Swag Bunting
(1) Cherry Rosette Hair Clip/Pin
(1) Red/White Polka Dot Child Size Bow Tie
(1) Pink Retro Style Plastic Glasses
(6) Red/White Polka Dot Latex Balloons
(2) Red Paper Streamers
(1) Set of Red Paper Cups
(1) Set of Red Paper Napkins
(1) Set of Red Paper Plates
(1) Set of Red Plastic Cutlery
(1) Red Plastic Rectangular Table Cover
(1) Set of Red/White Paper Straws
(1) Set of Multi Assortment Tissue Paper
(1) Set of Red Gumballs
(1) Set of Red/White Candy Sticks

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This GIVEAWAY is hosted by the Creative Orchard to CELEBRATE my blog's 1st Year Anniversary! GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all who entered.


  1. Simply adorable! Love it.

    ~Courtney C.

  2. I love mint and chip.

  3. I have my grandma's Vanilla Ice Cream recipe. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Love it!
    Favorite ice cream is strawberries & banana!

  5. We love chocolate anything and everything!
    Beautiful party! Will be sharing with everyone!

    Genevieve K

  6. I love fried ice cream! Such a cute party I love the vintage feel!!

  7. I love putting peanut butter in chocolate ice cream!

  8. My favorite ice cream is pistachio! :) Followed closely by fried ice cream!

  9. Gorgeous party! I love strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

  10. ANYTHING with chocolate in it!! Mint is also a favorite!!
    Super cute give-away thanks!!!

  11. hot fudge sundae

  12. This is an adorable party, great job! I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, yum!

  13. Banana, of course, topped with pineapples and strawberry syrup! Absolutely loved your party...a must have event!!

  14. Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow topping

  15. Definitely Smores Ice cream...definitely

  16. Keri MichaelisAugust 31, 2012

    Chocolate chip cookie dough! Yum!

  17. My favorite ice cream recipe? Well, I have the most fun making ice cream with my agriculture classes and kiddos, using big Ziploc bags. We add cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, a little salt and chocolate to one bag, zip it up, then place it inside another Ziploc bag filled with ice and salt. We then, squeeze, toss, and basically churn the liquid into the perfect frozen treat. Once the transformation is complete, we remove the inside bag, cut off one corner, and squeeze the ice cream into a cone, soft-serve style. YUM!

  18. Omgsh this is absolutely adorable!! Love Love Love it :)

  19. I love cheesecake and brownie pieces together.
    What a great giveaway!
    wendflem at gmail dot com


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