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Aug 26, 2012

INSPIRE: Cherry Sundae Social

To start off the Creative Orchard's anniversary week, I have decided to share some photos I have been collecting for the last few months on Pinterest. After picking my favorites, I then organized them onto a Cherry Sundae Social Inspiration Collection designed using Photoshop. As some of my closest friends, family members and sponsors already know, I have desperately wanted to CELEBRATE the Creative Orchard's 1st year anniversary since April and I am just now getting around to it. It makes me feel like I am giving a whole new meaning to being "fashionably late" to my own party!!! Way too many ideas in my handy dandy sketchbook and never enough time or energy to get them all done, but I will keep trying to catch up!

Every day this week I plan to create a post that demonstrates what the Creative Orchard blog is all about such as... inspirations, giveaways, sources, event photos, craft projects, creative ideas, recipes, freebies, printables and end the celebration with a SURPRISE!

Get the SCOOP on what's scheduled this week:
  •  Sundae Inspiration Board SUNDAY
  •  Giveaway MONDAY plus Cherry Sundae Social
  •  Tutorial TUESDAY Link Party
  •  Do-it-yourself WEDNESDAY
  •  Thirsty THURSDAY
  •  Freebie FRIDAY
  •  Surprise SATURDAY

Cherry Sundae Social Inspiration Collection:
On the inspiration board below you will notice examples of what inspired my own Cherry Sundae Social. It all began when I saw Michael Miller's adorable "Ice Cream Sundaes" fabric on Etsy. I was madly in love with the fabric's colors, retro style and of course all the cherries! The dessert choices were obvious and easy - neapolitan ice cream with an assortment of toppings and soda pop. The setting was based around the idea of a vintage ice cream cart vendor that you might see visiting a town's local shopping square. For my craft project I remembered a tutorial on how to make giant ice cream cones made by Icing Designs. For all the props and supplies I just tried to keep in mind items that had a retro feel to them that might have been used during the 50's. Pop back over to the blog again tomorrow to see photos of the actual Cherry Sundae Social plus a PARTY PACKAGE GIVEAWAY!!!

Photo Sources: (1) Sundae Toppings via Chef Mom; (2) Fabric Swatches via;  (3) Michael Miller Sundae Fabric via Nauvoo Quilt Co; (4) Ghirardelli Sundae; (5) Bow Tie & Suspenders via Baby Accessories Etsy Shop; (6) Ice Cream Cart via Art Symphony; (7) Soda Sparklers via United with Love; (8) Retro Milkshake Bar via The Sweetest Occasion; (9) DIY Ruffled Ice Cream Cones via Icing Designs; (10) Sundae Gift Bag via Gooses Bags and Gifts. 

THANK YOU BERRY MUCH to all the Creative Orchard's fans, blog followers, customers and peers for the support, patience and kind comments that you have given me this past year. Blogging is a lot harder and more time consuming than I could have ever imagined but your positivity plays a huge role in making it all worth while. This blog serves as a much needed creative outlet for myself and each individual post feels like a rewarding accomplishment that I can finally check off my long list of to-do's.

SPECIAL THANKS to my hubby for supporting all my creative chaos, mom for helping with photo shoots plus babysitting and Lydia of The Party Wagon for encouragement, featuring my work & a new long distance friendship!


  1. Love it! Very festive and fun for summer time.

  2. Renee! You are so great at what you do! And, so sweet to mention me in your post!! I have loved my new friendship with you, and I am thankful for all of YOUR help! You are one creative lady, and it is always so fun to see what you come up with next. I appreciate your mad graphic skills, too! I have loved this yearlong journey of blogging with you! Congrats on your blog, new baby, toddler boy, and all of that creativity! That is a lot to juggle and you do it so well!! xoxo Lydia


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