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Aug 16, 2011

CELEBRATE: Tooth Fairy Party!

Did you hear? The Tooth Fairy is flying around and she has a SWEET TOOTH! Just close your eyes and use your imagination to visualize a make-believe party filled with scrumptious sweets, shiny white teeth, ruffled aprons, magical wands, fairy wings and all that is mystical. Ta-da! SWEET DREAMS can now come true and it is all up to you... 

The birthday girl and her guests will certainly be captivated by this one of a kind DIY Tooth Fairy Party! Enjoy some magical recipes provided by the "Tooth Fairy". Enchanting sweets will come to life with some of her secret ingredients... magic flour dust, pixy sugar and fairyfetti sprinkles. Give the guest child "chefs" the option to decorate their very own cupcake sundae, tooth shaped sugar cookie, toothbrush pretzel or other Tooth Fairy inspired recipes. And may all their SWEET DREAMS COME TRUE with each delightful bite! Continue to explore the details of this Tooth Fairy Party below and find some whimsical inspiration provided by the Creative Orchard!

This party was also FEATURED on Sweet Designs Blog by Amy Atlas!!! Click Here!

Welcome Area: A Tooth Fairy welcome sign and menu were placed side by side in an open binder resting on a cookbook stand to greet guests as they arrived. Be sure to provide tooth brushes for the children to brush afterwards so their teeth can stay sparkling white!

Kitchen Decorations: Shear pink and blue fabric was swagged across the front of the island. White ballons were placed on the floor. Colorful polka dot fabric was tacked behind the sink and a custom Tooth Fairy banner hung in front using shear ribbon. White tissue garland was hung across the ceiling and white glittery molar shaped paper cut-outs were attached to it with ribbon and clips.

Dessert Table: Surrender to your SWEET TOOTH with this Sweet Tooth Shoppe Menu which included tooth fairy cookies, dental necklaces, fairyfetti doughnuts, chocolate tooth wands, meringue toothpaste, cupcake sundaes, marshmallow bites, starburst chews, chocolate mint cookies, lik-m-tongue depressors, toothbrush treats, dessert delights gum and chocolate fairy coins. The DIY tutorial for the Sprinkle Organizer Display can be found HERE!

Invitations: Custom printable invitations that mimic recipe cards were delivered with edible chocolate tooth fairy wands.

Dining Decorations: Adult size chocolate, mint green and light pink polka dot ruffle aprons were draped over the windows as curtains. For the centerpiece, multi-sized stainless steel bowls were stacked and filled with various cooking utensils and curly silver ribbon swooped in and out. The tables were sprinkled with blue confetti dots and birthday themed thick tissue paper table runners ran horizontally down both sides of the table. "Dentist" inspired napkin bibs were provided at each place setting. Instead of chair covers, pink child size ruffle aprons were tied on the back of each guests chair and were not only decorative but useful too. Then DIY Tooth Fairy Pillows were tied with ribbon on top of each apron. Click Here to view the original tooth pillow tutorial created by mmmcrafts. You can personalize them in many ways and turn them into different tooth characters. I definitely recommend that you make your own version of this fun and simple pillow craft!
Party Favors: After the guest child "chefs" decorated their cupcakes, they were set inside striped cupcake boxes with thank you labels. Those along with a small collection of cooking utensils, were all wrapped up in their own aprons to go home with them.

Party styling: the Creative Orchard (Renee Hagloch
Printable party designs: Tooth Fairy Party collection available in the Creative Orchard Shop!

Vendors & Sources: 
DIY Tooth Pillow Tutorial - mmmcrafts
Tooth cookie cutter and tooth candy mold - Amazon
Aprons and cooking utensils - Home Goods
Cupcake boxes, lollipop sticks, plastic bags, glassware, gift bags, pot holders, metal clips, confetti, fabric, polyfill and ribbon - Hobby Lobby
Mini metal spice containers - Michaels
Ice Cream timer - Jo-Ann Fabrics
Silverware, cups, plates, polka dot napkins, balloons, tissue garland, candy sticks and candy necklaces - Party City
Baking supplies, candy, cupcake wrappers and sprinkles - Walmart
Tooth brushes, pretzel sticks, wafers and chocolate coins - Dollar Tree

[ Disclosure: This specific party/party theme is NOT affiliated with any bakery company or brand. The Creative Orchard strictly intended that this specific blog post's content has been provided to promote DIY printable party designs for a DIY children's party ONLY. ]

WARNING: The fake "mouthwash" shown in my photos is just a plain empty plastic bottle filled with blue punch drink inside and the Creative Orchard does NOT encourage anyone to give children real mouthwash! Do NOT let anyone swallow mouthwash. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE WARNING SIGNS on a bottle of mouthwash! ]


  1. This is ridiculously adorable. The details are amazing. Clever + charming.

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2014

    So cute! :)


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