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Aug 11, 2011

CREATE: Sprinkle Organizer Display

For my Tooth Fairy Baking Party, I made this sprinkle organizer display. This is a very simple DIY project and should take about 15 minutes to complete, not including drying time. Keep in mind that there are many other ways to use this project. The mini containers could also be used to hold office supplies, spices, dried flowers, make-up, jewelry, coins, spare parts, craft/sewing supplies and anything else thats tiny and needs organizing. Without the containers and just the magnets, you could turn it into a photo display, message center, recipe holder, welcome sign or inspiration board!

1. Variety of sprinkles
2. Decorative paper 
3. Spray paint
4. Glue gun
5. Glue sticks
6. Scissors
7. Round corner paper punch (Large Size)
8. Double sided tape

9. Magnets
10. Mini tin containers with clear lids
11. Cookie sheet (New or Used)


Step 1:
 Spray paint the cookie sheet all over the front and sides. Let dry. When dry, flip over and spray paint back (*optional). *You only need to spray paint the back if you can see it where ever you plan to display it.

Step 2: Cut decorative paper according to the size of your pan. Only use the round corner paper punch if the corners of your pan are rounded. Once the painted pan is dry, tape or glue the paper on the inside of the pan.

Step 3: Using the glue gun, glue the magnets to the back of the mini tin containers.

Step 4: Fill each container with different sprinkles and carefully close lids. If the lids don't close tightly enough, place a piece of tape on one side to help secure it's contents.

Step 5: Place the magnetic sprinkle containers on top of the decorative paper on the pan. Now you are done and need to find a place to proudly display your finished project!

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  1. This party is the "sweetest"! I LOVE the tooth charts! How creative and what a great way for the kids to learn too!!! And the cupcake sundaes are the cutest thing I have seen in a while! Congrats!!!


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