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Jul 31, 2016


Have you been SEARCHING for DIY Summer IDEAS to keep the KIDDOS from getting bored? LOOK no further. For the past four weeks, I teamed up with a GROUP of incredibly talented ladies on Instagram for a hashtag called #DIYSummerIDEAS! We've share everything from ACTIVITIES to keep them entertained, CRAFTS to explore their creativity, TREATS to satisfy their cravings and GAMES to encourage physical activity. With SCHOOL starting in a couple weeks, there's still time to make this the BEST Summer ever!!!!!!

Meet the HOSTS...

Here is a list of my DIY Summer IDEAS ...  DIY Dino Land SANDBOX, Pancake PICNIC, Watermelon PANCAKES Recipe, WATER Balloon War at the Park, Splish Splash Putt Putt GOLF course, Bubble ART, Strawberry Ice Cream WAFFLES, Finding Fish SLUSH Drink Recipe, "Make A SPLASH!" Outdoor MOVIE, Outdoor Movie CONCESSIONS Stand and INSECT DETECTIVE Scavenger Hunt GAME!!! And these are just mine, go see all the fun IDEAS the other hosts shared!

For the FINAL week, I wanted to share an updated VERSION of my favorite GAME to play as a child which was Dick Tracy! Yup! That's right, I used to roam my yard for hours wearing a bright yellow raincoat and a fedora looking for pretend EVIDENCE to put in Ziploc bags. Then I scribbled notes and drawings inside a notebook, then filed it all away inside an old ugly briefcase. The neighbors must have thought I was weird which probably hasn't changed. Lol. BELOW you can learn about all the DIY details for the INSECT DETECTIVE Scavenger Hunt GAME I created. 


How to PLAY

STEP 1.) One Person/Parent/Adult needs to secretly HIDE all the toy INSECTS in various locations and also mark large X's on the Dry-Erase MAP [SEE DIY POJECT #1 BELOW] using colorful Dry-Erase Markers so the KIDS can FIND them. Remember X marks the spot!!!

STEP 2.) Designate an area to be the Detective "HEADQUARTERS" such as a picnic/kids table. Have the KIDS meet up at Detective "HEADQUARTERS" with all their DETECTIVE supplies such as Dry-Erase Markers, Dry-Erase MAP, Dry-Erase INSECT Diagram [SEE DIY POJECT #2 BELOW], Toy INSECT Carrier, INSECT Net, Magnify Glass, Binoculars, Toy Camera, Suitcase, Wagon, Buckets, Shovels, etc. Basically any kind of fun supplies that you have on hand that might have something to do with playing DETECTIVES or looking for INSECTS! You could also give them small Ziploc bags and tongs to collect "pretend" EVIDENCE along the way. Use your IMAGINATION!!!

STEP 3.) Ready, set GO! Give the KID DETECTIVES the Dry-Erase MAP, Dry-Erase INSECT Diagram(s), Dry-Erase Marker then let them go run around and FIND the INSECTS! As they visit each number X location on the MAP and find the INSECTS, tell them to use a Dry-Erase Marker to mark the boxes after they FIND each INSECT, that way they know when all the INSECTS have been FOUND.

STEP 4.) After the KID DETECTIVES have found all their INSECTS and placed them inside the INSECT Carrier(s), tell them to meet back up at Detective HEADQUARTERS. They need to pull out all their INSECTS from the carrier(s) and scatter them on the table. Using the colorful Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers, tell them to color in the INSECT Diagrams to look like the INSECTS that they FOUND. When they are done playing, you should be able to very carefully and lightly wipe off all the Dry-Erase Marker using a wet wipe. Don't scrub too hard because the "permanent" markers may not be that "permanent". That's it! Now they can play INSECT DETECTIVE over and over again! 

(Click on LINKS for sources)

Toy Insect Carrier  (Happy Giddy Bug House or Drawstring Bag, Pencil Case, Lunch Box, etc.)
Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Markers  (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue)  @
Sharpie Permanent Marker  (Black)  [*WARNING: Recommended for Parents/Adults ONLY!!!]
Dry-Erase Poster Boards  @

DIY PROJECT Instructions:

(NOTE: Recommended for Parents/Adults)

STEP 1.) Using a full sheet of Dry-Erase Poster Board and a black Permanent Marker*, make a simple outlined drawing of the LOCATION of your Scavenger Hunt. (EXAMPLE - front yard, back yard, house, garden, play house, park, etc.) Let DRY completely. (Note: If you can not find Dry-Erase Poster Board try drawing the map on a sheet of card stock paper, then laminate it.  It "might" work that way too?) 

STEP 2.) Using a Crayola Washable Dry-Erase Marker in various colors, mark large X's where you plan to HIDE all the toy INSECTS and also number each one. Then mark the Detective HEADQUARTERS area with the last number. [SEE EXAMPLE BELOW]

DIY PROJECT #2: Dry-Erase INSECT Diagram
(NOTE: Recommended for Parents/Adults)

STEP 1.) Using a half sheet of Dry-Erase Poster Board and a black Permanent Marker*, make a simple outlined drawing that says "INSECT Detective" at the top with a little magnify glass searching for tiny ants. Then draw outlined INSECTS that look similar to your toy INSECTS and put check boxes next to each one. Let DRY completely. [SEE EXAMPLE BELOW]

[*WARNING: The only reason, I recommend that Parents/Adults create DIY PROJECT #1 and #2 is because of the Permanent Marker. It is obviously up to the child's parent to make the final decision. I am not responsible for children using Permanent Markers. I personally think it would be a BAD idea!]

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