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Mar 8, 2016

CREATE: Watercolor Florals PLUS Surprise Inside!

Saying "Hello" to SPRING projects a little early this year! Normally the only kind of plants inside my home are succulents, cactus, vines or tropical ones, but I wanted to change things up a bit this upcoming season by adding some FLOWERS to the mix. Lately a lot of the lifestyle bloggers I follow have been showing off such beautiful FLOWER arrangements with TULIPS, so when I went to purchase some, I decided to get faux FLOWERS from the FLORAL department at the local craft store because it kinda bums me out when the real ones die after a week. Oddly enough, I ended up choosing white TULIPS and LILIES which is very unlike me considering I LOOOOOVE COLOR so much! A couple weeks beforehand I had also found plain white plastic Easter eggs and thought I could use them to fill the inside of the vase to hide the ugly fake stems.

At first my plan was to paint the white Easter eggs with WATERCOLORS but then a BRIGHT IDEA popped into my head and I thought... what if I did the opposite and left the eggs white but hand painted the white FLOWERS with WATERCOLORS instead? Since they're fake anyways, I might as well embrace it and turn the bouquet into a FRESH, BRIGHT and COLORFUL piece of 3-dimensional artwork. But the Designer in me, thought that it would be way too overwhelming to PAINT both the vase filler eggs and the FLOWERS so it was best to keep the eggs white for contrast. PLUS to take the WATERCOLOR FLORALS one step further, I thought it would be cool to put a SURPRISE Easter egg hidden inside each TULIP! Ah ha! Another place to hide my jelly bean stash from the kiddos. Lol. The final product turned out more CHEERY and BEAUTIFUL then I had imagined!!! The painting process was surprisingly so easy that the hard part is actually going to be deciding where to put them in my home because they make every room look so pretty. Maybe I'll just float them around from room to room spreading some SPRING cheer or another BRIGHT IDEA would be to make more WATERCOLOR FLORALS because I enjoyed the process so much! If I do end up taking more photos of them on display in various locations, I will update this post and add them to the bottom. View the images below to see the results for yourself and to get a glimpse of the crafting process in case you would like to paint your own.

FYI:  I will be making lots more SPRING and EASTER crafts for #nationalcraftmonth so if you are on Instagram follow @thecreativeorchard or check out my latest hashtag #createspring.
Can't wait for SPRING to get here!!!

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