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Sep 6, 2013

INSPIRE: Paint Your Own Pottery Studio!

While my 16 yr. old niece, Kristi was visiting from Texas, we decided to stop by a local Pottery & Art Studio called "Created Just By Me". We already planned on doing pottery painting but there was also the option of glass fusing. First we had to choose which porcelain pottery piece we liked best from the ones displayed and it was a very difficult decision for both of us because there were so many cute options available. In the end Kristi chose a three tiered owl bank to represent the three people in her family and I picked the giant ice cream sundae bank to match my daughter, Haley's room. Might have to go back sometime to get the ice cream cone too! New options are constantly added as the seasons and holidays change throughout the year, so you should definitely check out what's NEW. In front of the pottery pieces is a label that states it's description and each ones all-inclusive price which includes the pottery piece, paint supplies and kiln firing.

Next step is choosing your paint colors. Many color samples were cleverly organized across the wall. Each color sample tile has a name and code that links to the bottles of paint. Then you just squirt a small amount of your favorite paints onto a palette and grab a brush to begin! I highly recommend making sure you allow yourself plenty of time to do THREE coats of glaze to reach your desired effect. Once you are finished painting, you carefully place your pottery on a cart next to the other bisque ware. That's it! Now the hardest part... waiting a week for your pottery to get done being fired in the kiln. We were so excited and could hardly wait for the "call" that let is now it was ready to be picked up! YAY!!! I think they both turned out so adorable! It was a wonderful memory to share with my niece and I look forward to doing again with my kids. You can view our finished projects at the end of this blog post...

BEFORE: Pottery at glazed bisque stage.
AFTER: Pottery after it has been fired.
The atmosphere is a casual relaxing studio space with rustic wood flooring, extra high ceilings, natural light from oversized windows, beautiful exposed brick walls, interesting art displays and best of all a friendly staff! Jodi Adams is the sweet owner who is usually the first one to welcome you inside! In fact we have been talking for a few weeks now about me instructing some CREATIVE WORKSHOPS in her studio and my first one is coming up in September!!!! Click HERE, to find out more details or call "Created Just By Me" Pottery & Art Studio to RESERVE a spot.

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