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Feb 24, 2012


FREEBIES are NOW available! MORE will be added soon. Click on my "FREEBIES" page or visit my Scribd account to download for FREE. My newest FREEBIES Collection is Pinterest Posters. I am obsessively on Pinterest daily and since it is the big craze right now, I thought I would design some humorous Pinterest posters for you. It started with just one design but then the ideas kept flowing and I couldn't help myself and designed an entire collection. I hope I have gotten it out of my system and can stop now! That is unless... you feel the need to share some ideas in my comments section below and I read something I couldn't refuse designing? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your FREE Pinterest posters and they make you SMILE today!

Below are thumbnails of just a few that are available, be sure to see ALL the designs. Reminder that they are for personal use ONLY! If you choose to share online, PLEASE give credit and LINK to Thanks!


1 comment:

  1. These are really cute and so true! I'm obsessed with Pinterest as well!


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