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Dec 16, 2011

CREATE: Easy Edible Snow Globe

As seen in "HomeMade for the Holidays" Idea Guide, the Easy Edible Snow Globe is a creative substitute for the traditional gingerbread house. Depending upon the size of your "snow globe"... a small one could be displayed at a single place setting or a large sized one as a table centerpiece. This is a fun, yummy, affordable and easy holiday project for kids or adults!

Supplies Needed:
• ribbon
• tape
• cupcake liner
• glass round vase/fish bowl
• bowl (cereal size)
• plate (saucer size)
• tooth picks/lollipop sticks
• assortment of soft candies (gum drops, fruit slices, marshmallows, etc.)
• sno ball cake
• peppermint stick
• holiday lollipop
TIP: Get creative with your edible snow globe scene supplies
and try decorating with any of your favorite candies!
1.) Create an edible snow globe scene by using a sno ball cake as the base, insert an assortment of candies into the cake with tooth picks/sticks. When done, set aside.
2.) Start to build your snow globe by placing plate right-side-up on a table surface. Place bowl upside-down on top of a plate. Then carefully set your edible snow globe scene on the bottom of the bowl. Place a glass round vase upside-down over the entire scene.
3.) Add decorative touches by taping a thick ribbon around the base of the globe. Tape a small bow to the bottom of an upside-down cupcake liner and finish by setting it on the top of the globe. Now you have an Easy Edible Snow Globe to munch on!

Product Sources:
Cupcake liners - Shop Sweet Lulu
Ceramic bowl and plate - Target
Glass round vase and ribbon - Hobby Lobby
Holiday lollipops, gum drops, sno ball cakes and tooth picks - Walmart
Peppermint sticks - Party City

1 comment:

  1. That is really creative and CUTE!!! I want to make some too :}


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