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Sep 26, 2011

INSPIRE: DIY Cake Stands - Top 12 Tutorials!

Although there are some GORGEOUS cake stands out there to purchase, it can become a quite costly investment. I am not sure about everyone else, but I prefer not to use the same one over and over again for every dessert table, I like lots of party styling options! Plus, not just any cake stand goes with every parties' style. Sometimes I need a cake stand that is big or small, short or tall, round or square, neutral or bright, elegant or maybe even whimsical! Recently, especially on Pinterest, I have noticed more and more bloggers are sharing Do-It-Yourself Cake Stand Tutorials. These are my favorite top 12 tutorials because they are creative, simple, easy, affordable and above all... ADORABLE! 

Below are just images of the DIY cake stands, click on the web links under each photo to view their own individual step-by-step instructions. Kudos to all that were kind enough to share their DIY cake stand projects! 

You can view my OWN VERSION at the very bottom of this post after image #12!!!
1.)  DIY Mini Cupcake Stands by Modern Moments Custom Designs [CLICK!]
2.)  DIY Stenciled Cake Stand by The House of Smiths [CLICK!]
3.)  DIY Wedding Cake Stands by Bee in our Bonnet [CLICK!]
4.)  DIY Colorful Cake Stands by The Party Dress - WH Hostess [CLICK!]
5.)  DIY Interchangeable Summery Cupcake Stands by Giverslog [CLICK!]
6.)  DIY Tiered Trays by Joys Hope [CLICK!]
7.)  DIY Colorful Dessert Stands by Censational Girl [CLICK!]
8.)  DIY Cake Stands by A Well Crafted Party for Eat Drink Pretty [CLICK!]
9.)  DIY Mirrored Cake Stands by Tradewind Tiaras, Inc. [CLICK!]
10.)  DIY Cupcake Stand by Brooke from The Crafting Chicks [CLICK!]
11.)  DIY Cupcake Tower by Annie's Eats [CLICK!]

12.)  DIY Tree Pedestal Cake Stand by Laurie Cinotto for Once Wed [CLICK!]

These five photos BELOW are the results of my own DIY Cake Stand which I created by glueing (E 6000 Glue) a large melamine plate on top of a ceramic candle stick then glued an upside-down small melamine plate on bottom. (All my supplies were from Target stores.)


  1. Super cool cake stand ideas Renee. I'm so impressed. Love them. Makes me want to bake and that's not even my forte. Of course I can always showcase someone else's baked masterpiece on one of these creations.

  2. great roundup! thanks for including me!

  3. Wow. I can't believe these are handmade! Especially number 8! Looks like the crystal cake stands here. You guys are truly talented.

  4. I love these beautiful cake & cupcake stands, I want to make everyone of them.

  5. I'm just surprised to see the creation. This cake stands are really nice to see.

  6. So creative and gorgeous. I love the plates you selected for these.

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