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Jul 26, 2011

INSPIRE: Creative Cupcake Liners

Ever wonder how to use CUPCAKE LINERS in ways other than baking? A great idea when you start planning a party and are thinking about the decor is to try to look at something in a new way. Ask yourself...can you give this item a new look?...a different purpose?...alter it somehow?...turn it into something completely different?...make it unrecognizable at first glance? Be creative, experimental and playful when making DIY party decorations. Always try to find the endless possibilites in every item! When your guests arrive and look at your one of kind decor, it will be a great conversation starter and surely be remembered. Parties are all about the little details, so keep in mind that your creative ideas, handmade effort and hard work will not go unnoticed!

As you will see in the photos I have gathered, cupcake liners have come a long way and are not boring anymore! Today, cupcake liners vary in shape, size, style, color and patterns. Here are a just a few online sources for some fun cupcake liners & wrappers... Shop Sweet Lulu, The Bakers Confections and Cupcake Swirl. Take advantage of your break from baking and do some crafting instead!

Photo Sources:
{1.} Cupcake liner "flowers" - Aunt Peaches
{2.} Cupcake liner "gift bags" - Aunt Peaches
{3.} Cupcake liner "fashion accents" - One Charming Party
{4.} Cupcake liner "garland" - One Charming Party
{5.} Cupcake liner "gift tag & gift display" - Just Make Stuff
{6.} Cupcake liner "door decor" - Custom Creations & Bella B tots
{7.} Cupcake liner "pom poms" - Nikki Jean Photography
{8.} Cupcake liner "pom pom garland" - Crafted by Lindy
{9.} Cupcake liner "candy favor" - Zakka Life
{10.} Cupcake liner "gift accents, flower straws, jar covers" - Martha Stewart
{11.} Cupcake liner "patio light shades" - Family Chic
{12.} Cupcake liner "dresses" - a.has & Miles Ehan Designs

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