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Apr 27, 2011


Introducing the Creative Orchard Blog! COMING SOON... you will find creative inspirations, printable party designs, styling tips, vendors, products and DIY projects. 

Welcome, my name is Renee and I am officially a blogger. I can't believe it! I am sooooo excited to share my ideas, passions, talents and fabulous discoveries with you! To start, I decided to post some photos of my creative studio so you can see where my ideas GROW. I get the privilege of working in my home studio, using my graphic design skills, sketching concepts and brainstorming about how to style parties all day! I also get to spend lots of quality time with my kids. Life is SWEET!

Since I went through a lengthy and challenging process of creating my home studio, I thought I would share some TIPS on how to successfully customize your studio, office or craft room.
Tip #1: Think Ahead. Once I knew my dream was coming true and I was going to have my very own studio, I designed a plan for it's style and function. Then I wrote a wants/needs list. That way when I went shopping for bargains, I didn't  buy anything unnecessary. In these photos, I have examples on how I benefited from thinking ahead. Photo #1: Bedrail used as a magazine rack. #2: Chose glass door inserts for child viewing. (see my lil' spy) #3: Old dresser used to store supplies.

Tip #2: Work & Play. Be sure to incorporate designated areas for work and play. It can't be all work and no play!  I decided to separate these areas so that when I was involved in one or the other, I could give total concentration to the task at hand. 

Tip #3: Relaxation & Rejuvenation. A place to sit, lounge and rest your feet will help you be more comfortable while you work, read or watch tv for hours. A portable laptop tray with a cushion is also useful. In my lounge section I rejuvenated some items to make them look new and FRESH. Using fabric from shower curtains and table cloths, I reupholstered a chair, ottoman, side table and foam board for simple artwork. Spray painted a used lamp and vase. And displayed flowers and grass.
Tip #4: Inspiration & Motivation. I went all out with the chalkboard paint and magnetic paint found at Lowes. Chalkboard paint was used on my desk and drafting table so I could write a GIANT checklist of things to do. This motivational list doesn't get avoided or lost. The magnetic paint was used on one wall so I could easily display interchangeable images of inspiration without putting thousands of tiny holes in the wall. It is my largest inspiration board ever!
Tip #5: Focus. Since I have so many ideas for different party themes and it is hard to focus on just one, I chose to use baskets to organize and separate each "party in progress". As I collect items that coordinate with each theme, I place them in their matching basket. These metal baskets were a $2.50 BARGAIN at IKEA

Tip #6: Organize. Try to organize and place items that share similar purposes in the same area. It makes tasks more convenient, faster, easier and more enjoyable.
Tip #7: In Sight. When small items are placed in clear containers or bags, it helps you to not only find it easier but is also easier to remember not to over buy. In sight, in mind. These clear paint cans hung on a pot rack were the perfect solution for my tiny clutter.
Tip #8: Out of Sight. When items are stored in closed solid containers, drawers, boxes or bins, you might forget what is where. Out of sight, out of mind. Use labels to better identify their contents. I placed labels on a collection of Fossil brand watch tins. Clever and green!

 Tip #9: Personalize. Last but not least, be sure to personalize your space with things you like or collect. Your work room is the best place to display fun and unusual finds that may not seem to belong anywhere else in the house.

Visit again soon for FRESH ideas, HAND-PICKED crops and HOME-GROWN designs! Thank you BERRY much for visiting my blog and ENJOY!


  1. Hi, Renee!

    I'm Alicia of! I must say that I love your home studio. The magnetic and chalkboard paint were great ideas and I'm already online looking for the clear paint pales. When I begin to design my home studio (hopefully someday soon) I will definately be using some of your suggestions! Good Luck! I'll be back to visit soon. :)

  2. Emily NieminskiMay 16, 2011

    Renee, this is so, well... creative! I really think you are a wonderful designer and I hope you get the steady business you deserve!


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