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Apr 13, 2014

CELEBRATE: EGG-cellent Artsy Easter!

Every year I get sooooo EGG-cited about decorating EASTER EGGS with my kiddos!!! I try to think up ways for us to be individually creative and unique with our own eggs. And what could be more creative than an EGG-cellent Artsy Easter? So instead of only dip dyeing your eggs, shake things up a bit by incorporating different art supplies to test everyones' artistic skills. You could paint food coloring onto eggs, paint a watercolor egg on a piece of paper, sketch an egg with colored pencils, draw eggs onto a chalkboard using egg-shaped chalk, glue buttons on paper in an egg shape, sculpt an egg out of play dough, color eggs from printed coloring pages, decoupage tissue paper onto an upside-down balloon to make an egg pinata (via: Oh Happy Day), draw eggs on windows with Crayola dry-erase window markers, fill empty eggs with paint and smash onto a blank canvas (via: Growing a Jeweled Rose), etc. Reward the kid's EASTER artwork with sparkly stickers or colorful ribbons that say "MOST EGG-cellent", "EGG-tastic", "EGG-riffic", "EGG-licious". Ok, I will stop with the EGG puns now... I am sure every BUNNY gets the idea!    =:{


Tablecloth - Purchased cheap paper table cloth, then cut fringe around the bottom with scissors.

Tassel Garland, Triangle Bunting, Bottle Wraps, Reward Ribbons, Chair Pom - All handmade out of paper napkins that matched the table cloth.

EGG Chair Bunting - Tie one end of string to top left side of a chair. Thread string through the holes inside of a series of plastic eggs, then tie other end of string to top right side of chair.

Candy Centerpiece - Fill clear acrylic paint cans with assorted EASTER candy or find ones that are already done for you! (wink, wink!) Place a large chunk of styrofoam inside an EASTER bucket/basket. Poke fake grass or flowers into foam. Then poke the Pastry Pedestals into foam at varying heights and tape the bottom of the paint cans on top. Scatter plastic eggs inside bucket/basket to fill any holes. Include a scoop or tongs to retrieve candy. YUMMY EASTER CANDY TIME!

Indoor Awning - Using a vinyl table cloth, tape/tie/clasp/clothespin one side onto hanging curtain rod. Then securely place two curtain/dowel rods inside weighted buckets/pots. Tie one opposite corner of table cloth to top of one rod, then tie the other opposite corner to other rod. Now you have a pretend indoor awning.

Mini EGG Surprise Poppers - Fill a plastic egg with goodies and close it. To hang the egg, tie one end of a string to a curtain rod/tree limb, then poke the other end into the hole of the top of egg and tie a few tight knots from the inside. I chose to disguise the string with fringed streamers but you can skip this step. Tie on a paper napkin tassel at the bottom for easy pulling. Wrap a paper napkin around the egg, twist the top and bottom of napkin above and below egg then tie a string knot to keep closed. Then have guests pull firm on the tassel, the egg will pull apart and release all the goodies inside!!!!!
CREDIT: INSPIRED by original idea seen at Studio DIY (

ARTSY Aprons - Purchase a blank white kid-sized apron from craft store and splatter fabric paint all over. Could also let kids press painted handprints onto apron but would probably get very MESSY!


Egg Vinyl Table Cloth, Egg Placemats, Egg     Bucket, Plastic Eggs - Target

Easter Candy Paint Buckets, Watercolors, Crayola Pencils, Window Markers - Walmart

"Pink Sunny" Paper Table Cloth, Paper Plates,   Napkins - Party City

Hope this inspires you to create your own version of an EGG-cellent Artsy Easter! 


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  1. Love this! So fun and bright! Love the photos of the kids too ♥


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